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  1. The fact benning, plus many others need reassuring of there role is because they are being asked to play half a dozen different roles within one game!! Not fair on the players to keep tinkering with formation and personnel so much
  2. Are there tickets left for fgr on sat? Or can I get them at the ground
  3. Almost all vale legends. Loved Collins, full back or centre back, played the vale way-110% every week. He shudv become a 500 game ledge. Class x
  4. Got to be Burton or Northampton in promotion season?
  5. Can't fookin wait!!! Footballs comin home Sent from my MRD-LX1 using onevalefan mobile app
  6. [emoji106] Sent from my MRD-LX1 using onevalefan mobile app
  7. Ta. So if I buy now online I just show my phone at turnstile? Or do I need a paper copy? Sent from my MRD-LX1 using onevalefan mobile app
  8. Can i buy a vale ticket at the ground tomorrow or is it online only for us aswell? Sent from my MRD-LX1 using onevalefan mobile app
  9. I think : 89, grew Hughes west glover Mills jeffers earle walker Porter futcher Beckford, 94: mussy sandeman Swan glover tanks jeffers Porter Taylor Kent Lowe Foyle, 13: neal Yates purse chilvers Jones myrie griff loft dodds pope Hughes. Is this right?
  10. I'm trying to remember the starting 11 of 3 promotion winning teams, on the final day in 89, 94 and 13, for a gift iv got lined up 4 a friend. I think iv got most of em, could anyone confirm? Did Mills start at full back in 89? Did Porter start away at Brighton in 94? I just need the starting line ups v Bristol rovers, play off final 2nd leg 89, Brighton away 94, and Northants home 13. Ta
  11. Tidy ginger stubble with big buffon black hair? Just doesn't look natural to me!! What's the craigh darrell?
  12. What about the ginger stubble?
  13. Come on, thats a wig isn't it?!
  14. Looking at Clarke, I think he either wears a wig, or, dyes his hair black as he is secretly balding and ginger, or, dyes his stubble ginger as he really has thick black hair?! Not sure. Either way I'm not bothered as he seems to be doing a good job! UTV[emoji23]
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