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  1. Only Small and Robinson looking interested and look like can do something. Too many second touches in midfield or passing to someone else, giving the responsibility away.
  2. Dont normally comment, but thought I'd give it a go. 1. Rabbits in headlights first 15 mins, but got a grip afterwards. 2. Benning MOM for me, but others were up there. 3. No panic moments, and Management team have clearly got them listening. 4. Referee as bad as anything we had last season including Trevor. Very biased and inconsistent. 5. Ojo, Holden and Mcdermott all very steady and should fit the system. 6. Hope Vale appeal Smith yellow card. A yellow card is for only 6 reasons :- Unsportman-like behaviour Dissent by word or deed Repeated infringement of the rules Delaying the restart of play Not maintaining the correct distance from a corner or free-kick. Leaving or re-entering the field of play without the referee’s permission. Clearly none of those fit the circumstances. If the referee deemed it be foulplay then surely it should have been a red card. A yellow. Simply doesn't fit. I saw the incident and it was caused by the the Fleetwood player turning his head into Smith as Smith jumped. It was not a foul. If it was, should have been a red for dangerous play.. referee was poor.
  3. Hi everyone, sorry if this not allowed if someone can advise me. I now have a spare coach ticket on Coach 48. (Managed to get 2 on same coach now). Anyone know how to get a refund or sell on?
  4. Thanks for advice. Managed to get single seat on coach 48, just after 1 more now, will take any coach.
  5. Tried to buy coach tickets x 2. As was trying pay, all of a sudden everything went grey and shows all coaches now sold out! Anyone know if they'll be putting any more on?
  6. Big game bottlers. Every. SINGLE. Time. Proven time and time again. Been nowhere near it today. Every single player gone missing. Ball given away or put out of play at Every opportunity, rather than do something positive with it. No second balls won that I can recall.
  7. Am in Lisbon watching. Am fairly chilled as whilst would love to have seen us do it automatically, I think the stutters in Jan and then last 3 games might have scuppered it. Put that right next season and could be different story. Atè o Vale.
  8. Currently mid Atlantic sailing towards Azores. Trying follow game but just seen latest score. FFS.....c'mon.
  9. Did I read right that this was the same referee in the reverse fixture and gave 2 red cards for BR? He clearly bottled it today, the first horrendous fouls should have all been yellow cards if not red. He clearly didn't want to have to make those decisions given his history in the last game, so did nothing. He bought all their antics throughout. And took path of least resistance e.g. allowing their sub standing on the goal line, to walk all the way across to half way line. A clear disregard for the rules which are not discretionary! That said, they had more hunger and bullied us out of the game. Jake Taylor looked out of depth. Worrall didn't look fit.
  10. Referee is having a mare. player jumps into Benning and foul given against Benning! Then someone takes out Walker,no foul given ( he's ow been injured needing to be subbed) Lge 2 reffing has been abysmal this season.
  11. Looks like no one can pass to a Vale player, from Keeper throughout. 2nd half they can't come out like this. Everything going down left, Every keeper kick. Proctor can't keep hold of the ball
  12. Why was that a foul against, when clearly Bogle was just pushing Smith away?
  13. Dreadful performance by officials here. They are going to allow a Vale player be injured here. Clearly very blinkered and out of depth. Doing everything they can to help Sutton out.
  14. Only midweek available as Video, unless you're abroad or its a International break.
  15. That was as poor a goal we've let in all season.
  16. For what it's worth. Keeper a bit dodgy, but thought his kicking was quite good (granted not the be all and end all). Hussey intrigues me, as he seems extremely cautious. He will take a ball over half way line on left, run at the man - beats him on outside, but he stops, cuts inside and has to beat the man all over again. Seen him do this several times over several games. Wilson still looks injured to me. Team not gelling at present, but Time will tell .....just wish the players would have confidence in their own ability. (Amoo). And lastly, why do none of the players want to make themselves available at throw-ins.
  17. For me, tepid start - much like Brentford. Gave them too much respect (no idea why). Should have themwho is boss in First minute. We didn't so..... EVERY.SINGLE.BALL in the middle third was won by them. Midfield totally absent. Conlon looked tired, Pett and Garretty anonymous. Hussey cautious. Sending-off absolute nailed on. Idiotic decision making by the goalkeeper.( will be violent conduct I assume rather than serious foul play?) Name another goalkeeper sent off 3 times in 22 games? I assume there will be a rigorous ascending disciplinary procedure for employees. Players must be included in that. Worral tenacious as ever. Harratt showed great work ethic. Wilson looked still injured. Work needed for Tuesday.
  18. Anyone know why you can't buy Ifollow to watch the game? I'm away at a music festival but wanted to watch the match.
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