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  1. why hasnt our beloved official site done same as Mansfields & put this important info out there, or have I missed it some where in the aftermath of orginising tickets and travel



  2. 5 hours ago, gags 64 said:

    I do think we may struggle to sell that many more tickets purely down to the transport issue. People won't buy a ticket without some kind of guarantee that they can get there.

    I get that all the official coaches have sold out and I'm glad i managed to get a seat on one on Friday. For anyone now considering booking a ticket it looks like train or drive down yourself and that must put many folks off

    Let's hope more coaches become available either through the club or independent services otherwise we may not shift our allocation

    If you go / can get to Crewe station £31 return to Euston which is cheaper and quicker than by coach. If 3 or more of you travelling together, as you are then classed for group discount. 8 of us have booked this way to get to Wembley. I think the ticket also includes bus, train & underground travel as well.

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  3. 1 hour ago, ollyandpatch said:

    Interestingly...Swindon have sold all their 13528 home tickets in just over 2 hours. !

    I wonder what ticketing platform they use?


    ST 1st then they have what is called a 6 game membership scheme, they have 1st dabs along with the ST holders then general sale 

  4. 6 hours ago, saintvaliant said:

    Unpopular opinion alert.

    It is a disgrace that in 2022 the club seems to see this way of selling tickets as acceptable. 

    I appreciate everything the Shanahans have done for the club but this farcical approach to ticket selling has been a consistent during their ownership and goes back as far as December 2019 when we drew Man City in the cup.

    Given the criticality of selling tickets (our main income stream) it beggars belief that we are so far behind the times with ticket selling.

    And you can count on your fingers how many times since the MC game it has been an issue for those that want it to be an issue. It will not matter what / which method will be introduced it will not suit all.

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  5. Ive just got home from work and still so dissapointed thought I would have gotten over it by now. Let me just remind everybody of the results of the 6 games prior to the Bristol game;


    15th March 3-1 beat Mansfield 

    19th 1-2 beat Bradford

    26th 2-1 beat Sutton

    2nd Apr 1-0 beat Barrow 

    5th 0-1 beat Salford

    9th 3-2 beat Oldham

    15th 0-1 beat Harlepool

    Then we played Bristol and the rest is history. Coincidence or maybe not but the emotion of Mr C at Hartlepool and I was there and I had a tear in my eyes, but ever since then we have not been the same. I'm sure others have seen the pictures of Mr C wired up to the team on the bench from yesterday, and I also know he was in the dressing before the last player left the field at halftime. And before anybody starts to slate me I have nothing against DC or AC but I just wonder if 2 many cook's as the saying goes.

  6. Just got in and to say I'm dissapointed is an understatement. I've not missed a home game and been 18 away games this season and we've bottled the last 3 games no if's but's or maybe's, brill season and to be so close and yet end up so far away makes it even worse. I will be at Exeter and as usual be 100% behind the team its just a pitty it couldn't be replicated by the team.

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  7. 7 hours ago, robf said:

    Exactly that. The dream scenario for us would be a draw or loss for Exeter tonight leaving them needing to beat Northampton to get promotion. Hopefully they would then do it and then kindly step off the gas for their promotion party game against us.

    This is a very slight hope to hang on to but I did read in their local press that they haven't sealed promotion at a home game for yonks so hopefully that run will continue tonight and they'll seal it at Northampton instead.

    I know stats don't count for much at this stage of the season, but Exeter's record at Northampton is about as good as ours at Walsall 

  8. 9 hours ago, Iron Curtain said:

    The downside is that if Exeter beat Barrow on Tuesday they are up and the Northampton game means nothing to them.

    That said, it’s a funny old game football… anything could happen.



    Exeter's record V's Northamton lost 56 drawn 34 won 30 but you never know, let's hope footy funny has a part to play.

  9. 9 hours ago, ValeForever. said:

    Crosby damned if he does & damned if he doesn't. Personally, I think we should be starting 11 players who are fully fit, even if that means leaving a few favourites out.

    Wozza ain't fit. Pett ain't fit. Proc ain't fit (appreciate the magnitude of leaving him out) Garrity ain't fit. That's 4 x players who I can categorically say are not 100% fit.

    You've got to get 11 fit players on the pitch. Harratt, Hussey, Amoo if needed, Edmondson. I would personally prefer to see us start players who aren't carrying knocks.

    What factual evidence do you base x 4 not being fit? Them not playing as well as should be or have been.

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  10. 9 minutes ago, Port Vale Paul said:

    16 fouls according to who? let me think about that one was it the ref that you had in your pocket by any chance, fouls that the player went down at any sign of a tickle or should that be tackle.....mmm

    hers the unbiased report to back it up as wellimage.png.a6bca362c522d3019eba7ea29d5002d7.png

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  11. 15 minutes ago, brizzlesizzle said:

    16 fouls to 7 on Monday. Rovers are the most fouled team in the division, yet we’re the dirty ones??🤣🤣 Half of our reds have been a joke. Clearly an anti-Barton agenda amongst refs (understandably)

    And as for you lot crying about Paul Coutts walking off on Monday, he is the captain and had to pass the armband over to Glen Wheelan.

    The better team won. Still hope you come up with us though for DC.

    16 fouls according to who? let me think about that one was it the ref that you had in your pocket by any chance, fouls that the player went down at any sign of a tickle or should that be tackle.....mmm

  12. 17 hours ago, FeedThePope9 said:

    That video is enough to make a grown man cry! Hopefully you'll be able to get back to Burslem for what is set up to be a great game. Bring on the Gas, it's going to be huge.


    There was a few wet eyes around d me in the crowd yesterday at the end when DC came on, and not ashamed in admitting, mine including.

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  13. On 05/04/2022 at 17:37, Andy Proctor said:

    I doubt we will ne given as many as Swindon have as Walsall had to move season ticket holders to accommodate the extra Swindon fans. I think we will get another 800 to 1000 tickets taking the allocation to around 2300 to 2500.


    Hartlepool is the one that's a joke there away end holds 967 yet we were only sent 500 tickets and they have sold out really quickly. Apparently carlise barrow and Bradford all took 700 there so I don't know why they can't send us at least another 200 tickets or even give us the full 967 


  14. 32 minutes ago, Rocky said:


    I'm surprised Vale haven't looked at Saturday as an opportunity to pack the park, reduce ticket prices to get more heads in, like the Burton game. Especially as Oldham have sold so many. Maybe they will do it for the Rovers game on BHM. Maybe they have crunched the numbers and felt the lost revenue in cutting the ticket prices isn't worth it if it doesn't bring in enough heads but surely that isn't the case.

    I think this has to be agreed with the EFL and the away team before you reduce ticket prices

  15. 52 minutes ago, Andy Proctor said:

    Bradford barrow carlise all took 700 to Hartlepool so we should have been given the extra 200 and not been allocated a pathetic 500.

    Teams at this level are usually desperate for money yet they have the opportunity to fill there ground with supporters but would rather give us a small allocation and have half a ground empty. 

    I heard the problem is Carlise trashed some of the seats when they played them that has reduced the amount they can give out now, but reading that they have now given us another 170 that takes it up closer to the 700 so perhaps they put some crates in for the 170 to sit on

  16. 6 hours ago, MBE said:

    Its a <ovf censored> situation but I do think the refund is the best of the WORST options.

    As a fan and ST holder who has travelled to places like Carlisle, Sutton,Leyton Orient, Colchester and Crawley this season you see the same core 200-250 faces at each game regardless of who, where and how Vale are performing at the time.

    To me it would be seem wholly unfair if these fans in particular didn't have the opportunity to purchase tickets for this game because they were busy celebrating 3 points on Saturday night.

    Must have seen you at some point then MBE, as I went most of them as well + Oldham, Tranmere, Rochdale, Burton, Mansfield and soon to be Salford x 2 in 1 season. I will give you a wave.

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  17. 1 hour ago, Danish Valiant said:

    When saying people are "deluded" to not think the tickets would get refunded, that is saying, that people should know it's an error, and are therefor deliberately trying to cheat "the system", to get tickets.

    No it is not an error I wish people would stop saying this. Exeter sell tickets to all away fans this way as well I guess as also sending an allocation to the opposing team to sell on. If I wanted to go V's Colchester (which I dont of course) Exeter's next home fixture I can buy direct from Exeter official home page. They must have reasons for doing this. If any mistake has been made no thought was made into the importance (maybe) to Vale fixture. The request to not sell like this is from Vale not Exeter must be, and I can understand why. We purchased 5 all season ticket holders + booked accomodation but i guess now we will have to que and hope we all get tickets but it will be a 1 in 5 chance. Dont forget out of the 1300 we will possibly get we have staff allcotion of tickets that will have to be deducted from the 1300, so maybe only 1200 ish that will actually be for sale.


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  18. It's been along time coming but now its here its sublime. The togetherness throughout the whole set up including the fans is brill. And to think that we still got Gibbo, Jones and Conlon to come back probs not Conlon this season, what a manager's or assistant managers nice to have problem. Long may it continue.

    Forgot to add it was nice to see the Bycars with so many in as well.

  19. 20 minutes ago, Powerline said:

    Just thought I should make people aware, Exeter tickets are currently available from the Exeter website. I only found out through Facebook. Is a disgrace really because it means if they sell out vale won’t be able to put them on offer to ST holders first.

    EDIT: Just to clarify, you can buy tickets for their away stands on their website. So you can get your Exeter tickets now.

    Got mine.  Air BnB booked for the Friday night and Saturday night. Sorted. SVA 

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  20. On 16/03/2022 at 18:05, Breadwinner said:

    Disappointed in the attendance not the Mansfield end (947 excellent fans who got behind there team ).

    So a big must win game only 4276 home fans bothered turn up (great they were though first half must be when I move to other end that we go quieter and at times second half the quietness around the ground didn't I feel help the team but they came alive when we attacked with intent ).

    So how do we attract more folk to the ground  

    I think we have a team worthy  of watching but it's no good if we are to move forwards we need more coming through the gates .

    So should we trial for one game only a different price get in .

    You could have it run from Mon to Fri then it goes back to normal price on sat then you can see whether it was worth doing or not .

    Kevin and Carol and everyone connected with Vale deserve more folk in the ground .

    Spread the word get the supporters /followers  in who claim they support the team but never go.

    Vale are rising like a phoenix 



    i wonder how many stayed at home and only paid a tenner to watch but still supporting the club

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