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  1. 7 minutes ago, falmouthssoberist said:

    On the first day of Christmas Walsall gave to me...etc etc

    Like that one !

    Three Daryl Clarkes

    Two Daryl Clarkes 

    One Daryl Clark and some pork scratchings in a pear tree.

  2. The game was brilliant, everything a cup tie between local rivals should be, I only say that because we stuffed them ! 😂😂 but trying to get out of the railway paddock without being hit with a house brick at end of the match was a nightmare. The S.... fans were throwing house bricks from a wall at the side of the Hamil end, I remember just putting my forearms above my head and trying to run like Seb Coe past them !

    I made it out.😂😂

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  3. Fair enough ! 🤪🤪

    58 minutes ago, Joe B said:

    'This lot' put us one place above relegation by being absolutely uselessly abysmal for half of the season. 

    It was their fault. I'm not going to forget that because, once the season was basically meaningless, they put a run together to look good just because contracts became an issue.

    This isn't an isolated incident, either; we've been at threat of relegation for 4 of the last 5 seasons.  


  4. 2 hours ago, Joe B said:

    The fact they went on a good run once the season was completely finished and they realised they needed contracts is not massively relevant. These lads have had their chances (some of them 3-4 seasons worth ) and we're no better off in league position than we were the day they signed for us.  

    Sorry to disagree Joe but that's not correct, we were sitting one place above the relegation zone and "this lot" put a good run together to keep us up and out of the National league. Well that's how I see it. That's just my take on it.

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  5. 60+ years for me too like howjy04, cant remember my first game much (1958) but  do remember my Dad taking me away to the likes of Oldham, Bradford park Avenue and later on the kop at Liverpool in the fa cup and getting soaked to the skin at home to Sunderland when Cloughie played for them.

    Memories ! 

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  6. Not really, it tells me when he's injured we need a good replacement. When Monty first played at left back I though his defending was woeful but credit to him, he has learned to defend and gives us that extra attacking option when going forward and can score the odd goal as he has shown. Love it when he goes on one of his runs !

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  7. It's one of those games that stays in your memory banks same as the Derby County game and for me Liverpool 1964, the day I was passed from the front of the Kop to the back over the fans heads but that's another story.

    Anyway back to 1990,  I worked at Jcb in those days and if anyone left early the shop floor would start banging their hammers on their benches. As I left at 3.30 there was an almighty noise of hammers banging and shopfloor workers shouting wooooooow ! I was told the next day that there was a management meeting going on at the time and production manager stood up saying "what's that bloody noise and lifted his glasses and looked out of the office window then said "oh its Barny going Liverpool" 😂😂 

    Travelling back from Uttoxeter to Hanley I got stuck in a bit of traffic but managed a quick wash and change (Vale top on) and rushed up to get Tony Balls coach. I was one minute late but as I got on the coach Old Reg (bless his soul) gave me a right rollicking for being late and slapped me around the back of the head (softly). 😂😂

    Anyway we got to Liverpool and strolled across Stanley park to Anfield, what an atmosphere from the Vale fans, brilliant !

    Back in those days I was a smoker and as Vale were warming up and having a shoot in Andy Porter cracked a shot over the bar and it was coming right at me, I naturally put but both hands up to stop the ball, which I did but it knocked my fag out my hand and onto the bloke behind who was jumping about and cursing ! 😂😂

    The game was great and I'll never forget that feeling when the equalizer went in right in front of us. Those are the moments that make you a lifelong fan and keep you coming back hoping for more.

    Lets hope we get more !

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  8. Totally agree, I've paid for every single game this season, not missed any and that's my way of putting money back into our club.

    First time for 20 odd seasons that I haven't missed a game ! 🤣😂

    21 hours ago, Breadwinner said:

    No just feel that if you have 400 people watching it illegally it's a shame for the football clubs ,fair enough if its man Utd Liverpool or a big club where they make that much money anyway but Vale and Harrogate are not big money earners and after the first 500 have paid the rest goes to Vale so if all out supporters pay for it that's a good 3000 plus tenners for the Vale .

    I get why they do it as it's a nice gesture but if you are Vale you show your Vale and pay ,and I hope when fans are allowed back in  I can continue watch the games on ifollow especially away I think its great and with going away for weekends I get to pay my bit to Vale evenif I cannot be there 

    We live in a society where some folk will not pay for nowt but claim they support something ,you show your support with what you do I do not want to hear that our so called supporters are giving nothing to the club but claim they are big supporters .

    Hope that clears it up for you not that I would ever report what they do but someone might eventually as its theft from Port Vale in my opinion .

    Anyway I pay and watch as the commentators view of the game a lot of the time is somewhat different than mine ,I feel they are negative at times when what I'm seeing is totally different 




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