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  1. I am not sure why everybody has such a downer on McKirdy. He annoyed me when he played against us last season with his antics and previously at Crewe but he looked a good player. I would take his goals next season as our other midfielders don't look like getting 9 or 10 plus goals a season. I think he would give us something different than what we already have. Irrespective of whether he is a poor mans Grealish or not I trust our management team to be able to ascertain this and then handle him. Let's see if he signs first and then judge him.
  2. I totally agree that the monies are not distributed for the benefit of the football pyramid but would a redistribution of monies just push the wage inflation issue further down the leagues? I am not convinced that some owners will not continue to chase the dream and if more money flowed down the pyramid then clubs would just spend more and live within their new financial structure. I applaud Carol for her approach to the outcome of League Two fixtures this season but are the majority of owners going to see the bigger picture as she did? I doubt it.
  3. Brassic is worth a watch. Hoping The Hot Zone is worth watching but not sure after 2 episodes
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