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  1. Can I ask a question of your guys. Is it me or are the temporary speakers in the Railway Paddock rubbish. They seem to be crackling most of the time and to be honest I would rather they weren't there. Other than that I loved the game on Saturday (after we equalised) and have high hopes for Tuesday.
  2. I thought Jamille Matt was excellent against Vale.
  3. I am double jabbed and had the booster. I have COVID now. I am pleased that I had by vaccines as who knows how bad I would have been without them. I get people are scared of the vaccine but not as scared as they would be with being hospitalised.
  4. My Dad and his schooldays friend are looking for Antony Burley (Tony or Wilf). They went to school together at Stanfield Technical High School in the 1950's. They lost touch 15 to 20 years ago and would love to catch up with him again. My Dad's name is Frank Bateson and his friend is called Derek Dawson.
  5. An idea to raise money could be an end of season Beer & Food Festival. All the facilities are there at Vale for this to happen.
  6. Personally, I stand up and applaud the players when they take the knee as a show of support to them for trying to make a positive difference to society. I cannot understand the booing but each to their own.
  7. I read somewhere that the severance relates to the wages the month after players have been released. If a player doesn't get fixed up the releasing clubs have to pay a months wages and vice versa if they do. I also think that if a player is on a lesser wage the releasing club makes up the difference for July. Bradford City were not happy with York City as York signed Clayton Donaldson from August as opposed to July to save the months wages. Bradford argued that York had released the fact that Donaldson had signed a deal, paraded the new signing even though his contract doesn't start until August.
  8. Brassic is worth a watch. Hoping The Hot Zone is worth watching but not sure after 2 episodes
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