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  1. I ran on the pitch when Foyle scored and got escorted to the police box....was in the paddock side bottom corner of the bycars and was soaked though...as I was bein escorted past the paddock several vale fans tried to drag my away from the stewards into the paddock without success...persuaded the sergeant in duty i got bundled onto the pitch by other people streaming forward so got sent on my way
  2. Favourite goal definitely... Foyles goal in the 3-1 win in the horrendouse rain against sjoke.
  3. I used to live in Bromley and never managed to go a game there , still have friends in the area so would be a good excuse for visiting even if it's over 300 miles away from me
  4. Theo hatrick.....and a goal for Scott brown straight from a goal kick.
  5. Not related, she deducted her costs on the business first, reducing the profits made by her business her loss. Just saying. Ahhh it was only a quick glance at quoted figures , I didn't delve into it
  6. Sure I read bet365 profits have been announced being under 200 million and she had paid herself over 400 million.... just saying.
  7. I kid you not, many years ago I played in the Marsden Sunday alliance league for British Steel and we generally finished near the bottom thr league but we passed the ball about better than this....
  8. Morning Vale. I hope we are all well?? I thought occurred to me last night after the roadmap was announced, with the date for fans being allowed back into stadiums and they made a point that the premiers leagues last fixtures could be played in front of fans... what about the proper football clubs outside of the plastic greed league?? Could we not slow down our fixtures to enable the EFL clubs fans to get back to our grounds before the season finishes????? Yes they mentioned about the play offs but that won't help everyone...whats everyone's thoughts and is there a petition needed... GWANTHEVALE
  9. I feel the need for a compelation montage video thingy from you
  10. Reckon we will know the age of everyone in East London by the end of the game
  11. Sounds like it and sure they have said our manage is dale Clarke....
  12. Dunna travel that far ....😅🤣😂 hopefully we can at least get a point but.........
  13. Morning all, I need a little help, I have just purchased a match pass for today, I dont usually get chance to watch so its my first one for ages, had confirmation email but thought i had read somewhere I would get a code or is that just for season ticket holders?? And do I just log into my account on I follow and it theoretically should just work?? Thanks in advance
  14. There's a man with a pick up who sells turf at a quid a roll on the road between falmouth and truro in the spring, I will keep an ear to the ground for when he is up and running again, its good stuff, done my lawn with it few years ago and its still in good nick.
  15. Ahhh must be sorted then, I best pop round and let her know
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