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  1. My first weeks predictions went to plan, not the scores but the results... I have the rest is separate sealed envelopes for each week.... I hope when I open next week's it's still on track
  2. I texted my mate earlier saying we should have a song to go with this...
  3. We will be two points behind Plymouth at kick off, I couldn't bring myself predict the result
  4. I did some prediction maths with all the teams above and around us.... Away at Plymouth will decide us or them in the last automatic spot.. Possibly
  5. Imagine the grief Andy porter and Peter swann would get their selves into!!!!!!
  6. Anyone seen the episode of black mirror where you rate everyone you meet and if your rating drops low you become an outcast???? That's the way we are heading
  7. Happy new year to all that are vale around the world
  8. If its Cheltenham I can poin people in the direction of a pub where my brother in law had a bar tab....
  9. Been taken now you can close this now thank you
  10. Evening all, sorry not sure if this is a problem but I have a few vale babies clothes that are surplus to requirements, as I live in cornwall I have no one down here that can make use of them. I am. In stoke weekend of 9th November even if vale are away on the cup, if anyone wants them (gratis) pm me and I can sent details. Sorry If this is an issue Rob and admins
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