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  1. Will the wealdstone raider be there???🤣🤣🤣
  2. I was travelling up for this one and got something on in longton on the Sunday so it fitted in nicely but I have to drive back on the Monday... absolutely gutted as not been a game since we beat Crewe 2-0 in 2019
  3. On the first day of Christmas Walsall gave to me...etc etc
  4. Foyles 2nd against sjoke in the 3-1 still makes me smile the best
  5. Don't want to spout insults about a ref but i hope he can handle the game..... ... .... .... . . .. .
  6. I have just done some.catch up on American horror story, watched the first 3 series years ago and then got bored during the 4th (freak show) but series 5 and 6 are brilliant(hotel and roanoke) which I have just finished, 7 was ok and now just started series 8 ..
  7. Plus if anyone wants any other links similar find me on Facebook dave rowley. I have no profile picture so easy to spot, you will see I am a member of you are golden, we are devotion, shelleys
  8. Morning fellow vale fans, dont generally post just read the shenanigans but as we are talking music and we all need a lift.. there is a group on Facebook called backintheday which is dedicated to house and dance music and run by some of the legends of the stoke on trent scene.. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2442466786062513/?ref=share Some great sets of the shelleys era were on last night if you fancy a listen , Pete Bromley, Lee Frederick's, shock c Darren Harvey, Join the group its a really friendly bunch, also there is a group called the house junkies where lots of links to live dj streams are posted UTV
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