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  1. I had the boys in blue knock on my door on the day they announced a few arrests so I assume they were doing a bit of a sweep that day, I went into the ground around the time a Swindon fan got clobbered outside so they were being pretty thorough trying to catch the culprit. Fortunately I look nowt like the bloke they had a picture of, but I suspect the fella could be looking at doing some porridge the way they were talking, the Swindon fan was sparked out, bost nose, could have been a lot worse. Emotions were high that night, and I can understand in a way the pitch invasion, but that sounded like someone looking for an excuse to revisit the 80s!
  2. Mitch Clarke, thats who I'm going for in the sweep........
  3. Regarding season ticket sales, from our little party of ten that went to Wembley, four were already ST holders but three of the others have become first time season ticket holders, one of which lives a couple of hours away as well. Between these three they went to a grand total of one home game last season yet have all committed their hard earned to the cause. We have captured the imagination of folk and hopefully there are plenty more newbies!
  4. Has anyone heard anything about the second batch of tickets? Supposed to be 10000 going on sale in April, and April is fast running out.
  5. I read Mickey Adams book last year and from his scribblings about his time with us He was basically left to run the entire show (including negotiating a kit sponsor) How different to now where it is actually run like a business. Although I would like to relive the Peter Swann years again, they were great!
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