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  1. So happy a player has failed so you can get a stiffy you smug ****
  2. Don’t forget that it’s a 1 o'clock kick off so your weekend will be spoilt two hours earlier!!
  3. Have we lost ? It was poor yes , but they were spoilers . I think people think we are going to fly this league , your mistaken
  4. For what its worth my opinion is obviously im disappointed we have lost , narrowly ! But I trust Askey and not half of the xbox football manager geeks who think they know better .. UTV
  5. Don't criticise a radio presenter on here there'll be hell up !!!! Oh no its ok hes not in the clique!!
  6. vale say people have been giving them a ring to complain about ifollow and giving the staff dogs abuse . If your doing this you need to give your heads a wobble , totally out of vales hands !!
  7. To be fair he was smug when he said it was 100% not McKirdy, like a lot on here who think because they are close to the club and think they know more than us mere mortals !!
  8. look forward to you telling him this in person , not through your preferred keyboard method obviously
  9. Don't you come on here with your rational and common sense !! hes crap apparently and shouldn't be seen in a Vale shirt according to Doha , santa , tjh valiant etc
  10. Great answer , ill let you get back to your negativity , bye
  11. What does that even mean ? Just get behind your club instead of moaning because we haven't got a player who obviously doesn't want to play for us , its not hard , its called being a supporter , if he plays a few games for us and stinks the place out fair enough .But if he reads this( more fool him ) and sees comments from you and the likes what message does that send out ? Stop thinking you know everything about football cos your on here a lot and try to enjoy it !
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