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  1. Yes , we couldn’t see our next goal never mind win ! It’s a funny old game as someone once said !!!
  2. I loved her in 2000 yrs BC , had some stirrings as a youngster I can tell you !!!
  3. What would she be like with the fury of the Lorne street on her back , a deciding factor according to some losing managers 😂
  4. Been on the Walsall Facebook site , just payback for a few weeks back , they said the past “ couple” of results are just papering over the cracks and the rot will set in when he gets his own players in !!! Think they’re forgetting a certain Mr Flitcroft
  5. The results seem to suggest they are definitely playing for him , wouldn’t worry about answering bland questions with a sharp comeback!!!
  6. Oh we will , 0-1 Ellison , defo
  7. It’s looking to me that this is the season we go down, I can’t see any quality or where the next 3 points are coming from?
  8. yes that motivational speech thing did wonders for Nathan Jones at Stoke!!!
  9. Think that statement says it all about you and dispels any credibility you might of had !
  10. mistake made by Page getting rid of Uche , could of been a crowd pleaser and was unfairly treated after his dodgy sending off at Burton
  11. Being called a Tool by a sad fun vacuum! Have you got any mates or do you clear a room when you enter !! Liverpool are on later you’ll be ok!!
  12. Bet you hated it when Vale scored ,[emoji16]
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