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  1. Welcome George and hope you enjoy your time at Vale park, ignore the Championship Manager wannabes !!
  2. A lot of people don’t want you on here but hey ho !!!!
  3. I’m sure DF and DC won’t lose any sleep, must of come across many bitter ex players in their time !
  4. It’s getting silly now !! It’s like teenage girls when take that split !!!
  5. Think people should calm down abit , it’s practically a new team that play good stuff just need abit more in final third but defence looks good . People on radio joke calling for Clarke’s head is bonkers!! If we are 18th at Christmas fair enough but bleeding hell ! But for better officiating and a stroke of luck we’d be in the second round of league cup and in the play of positions!! Chill !!!
  6. Wonder if this means Conlon is off as rumoured ? And anything that upsets Bolton fans is ok with me!!
  7. I was the same , turned up at 2:50 for the paddock joined the queue by synetics car park in in about 3 minutes!
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