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  1. well said , unfortunately some Vale fans want instant success , its the world we live in now and some are just , as they used to say , a bit soft . I cant believe the owners are getting stick from people who haven't a clue how a club is run , unless they are wizards on football manager which they think qualifies them . These days because of social media these clowns are given a platform . Hopefully fans with half a brain can see the bigger picture . UTV
  2. Disappointment at losing away to the league leaders??? Are you for real?
  3. Thank god you don’t post much on here Jeez ! Sure you don’t want to go support Liverpool or Man City !! Or Bury?
  4. I’d take what a lot of people Spout on here with a massive shovel of salt TBH!!?
  5. Awful!!!???? How very dare you !!!
  6. Cant see a problem and winds some Lardies up as well so mission accomplished ...
  7. Montano a passenger at the Plymouth game ? What game did I see then?
  8. valeblue


    Just shows that throwing money you don't have around chasing the dream can bite you on the backside , hope fans realise this before they start putting pressure on carol and Kevin to spend more when we are not winning every game 5-0 !!!!
  9. I got in with Flares , they were good ones though ..Timberland .
  10. New hoodoo club , draw at best me thinks . 1-1
  11. Not hopeful of us progressing tonight , cant see Burton not being up for it with Clough in charge , think they are a decent league 1 team.
  12. Anyone think they don't want away fans there or as few as possible ?,its not as if they need the money!!
  13. I don't think Conlons ability is in doubt , just he seems abit lightweight , loses the ball too easy or easily knocked off it .
  14. Just hope if we do lose everybody doesn't start leaping off by pass bridges !!! Who got stuffed 6 nill or something opening day and went on to win the league , or go up anyway?
  15. weve solved one massive problem , got rid of smurthwaite!!!!
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