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  1. Gloating? I’d put us down to slight underdogs , sky will be favouring Mansfield ( as they did Swindon) because of Cloughie !!!
  2. And he had a right to be bitter seeing the highlights and refereeing decisions
  3. Hope the ref is strong and doesn’t let them especially Williams ref the game like they did Sunday
  4. Not inside the ground granted
  5. I can see carnage Thursday I’m afraid
  6. People forget have Swindon got another ex premier league football club 3 miles up the road , I’m sure we’d be getting bigger crowds if we hadn’t
  7. Wonder if sky will have a more favourable pundits toward the Vale , went the match yesterday and seeing some of the post match coverage it was very biased towards Swindon!! Dont know but did they discuss the McKirdy dive or just bang on about why Vale let him go ?
  8. Good get behind your team that’s the spirit
  9. Answer the question, why you going Thursday?
  10. Answer my original question They were rubbish but that’s football, now answer why your bothering in going if we are out of it?
  11. We’ve no chance according to you so why bother going?
  12. Stay home Thursday save your money if we haven’t got a chance , and the ground doesn’t need your negativity
  13. You are allowed to be unhappy with a performance, or a rubbish run of games. Or have I miss understood the purpose of forum! Sounds like your unhappy all of the time , go watch Liverpool or Cithee who win most of the time !!
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