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  1. Cant see a problem and winds some Lardies up as well so mission accomplished ...
  2. Montano a passenger at the Plymouth game ? What game did I see then?
  3. valeblue


    Just shows that throwing money you don't have around chasing the dream can bite you on the backside , hope fans realise this before they start putting pressure on carol and Kevin to spend more when we are not winning every game 5-0 !!!!
  4. I got in with Flares , they were good ones though ..Timberland .
  5. New hoodoo club , draw at best me thinks . 1-1
  6. Not hopeful of us progressing tonight , cant see Burton not being up for it with Clough in charge , think they are a decent league 1 team.
  7. Anyone think they don't want away fans there or as few as possible ?,its not as if they need the money!!
  8. I don't think Conlons ability is in doubt , just he seems abit lightweight , loses the ball too easy or easily knocked off it .
  9. Just hope if we do lose everybody doesn't start leaping off by pass bridges !!! Who got stuffed 6 nill or something opening day and went on to win the league , or go up anyway?
  10. weve solved one massive problem , got rid of smurthwaite!!!!
  11. Havent renewed mine yet , but will be doing so closer to the end of the month.
  12. still wont attend while prem academy teams take part
  13. Is that pitch holding up it’s horrendous this morning and has been most of the night!!!
  14. Vale fans usually buy nearer the time of the match .
  15. id love Yeovil and crawley to go down !!
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