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  1. Yes Private Frazer would be more apt !! We’re Doooooooomed !!!
  2. Port Vale fans ! The Corporal Jones of the football supporter!!
  3. Harsh on Wilson considering it’s his first match back after a broken foot
  4. He says he’s telling his players not to stay on their feet !!! Did he see the swan dive to try an get a penalty!! Wand !!
  5. Christmas spirit? Wanting to fine a depleted squad if they draw in awful conditions away ? Keep looking in that mirror !
  6. It could all change again , don’t think the Bolton manager will last the season
  7. Bought Legge on , he wasn’t on the bench!!! would of won with better refereeing and more clinical finishing but Bradford will be more happier with that result , reading some on here you’d think we’d lost ! When I looked we are still second
  8. How many Vale fans there today , anyone know the official number?
  9. Welcome George and hope you enjoy your time at Vale park, ignore the Championship Manager wannabes !!
  10. A lot of people don’t want you on here but hey ho !!!!
  11. I’m sure DF and DC won’t lose any sleep, must of come across many bitter ex players in their time !
  12. It’s getting silly now !! It’s like teenage girls when take that split !!!
  13. Think people should calm down abit , it’s practically a new team that play good stuff just need abit more in final third but defence looks good . People on radio joke calling for Clarke’s head is bonkers!! If we are 18th at Christmas fair enough but bleeding hell ! But for better officiating and a stroke of luck we’d be in the second round of league cup and in the play of positions!! Chill !!!
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