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  1. Was just thinking the same thing. He looks very useful.
  2. Almost sounds like you want us to fail. Bizarre really.
  3. Think we just need to wait and see before rolling out the “underwhelmed” line. This season isn’t even over yet!
  4. Which team put us in that position in the first place? Was it “this lot”?
  5. I can’t believe people want us to make the same mistakes we made last summer.
  6. Best attacking midfielders in the league? [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  7. The more you post the more you sound like Norman Smurthwaite
  8. Think our physio is lonely now Manny’s gone
  9. But if we appointed Derek Adams and he won 6 in a row he would be class?
  10. They are staying overnight. Clarke mentioned that in his post match press conference last week.
  11. You’re so short sighted and I get the feeling you aren’t going to like the retained list in a couple of weeks
  12. That’s an awkward post from RZ
  13. It wasn’t one of our worse performances of the season. It was just a scrappy game. Morecambe seem to pull teams down to that level.
  14. You are aware he’s been playing RWB and still getting involved going forward aren’t you?
  15. No no no no we’ve fallen into this trap before. This squad has been in multiple relegation battles so a couple of wins doesn’t change anything for me. Big clear out needed
  16. Think we should be aiming to have a push at finishing in the top half rather than looking over our shoulders
  17. I’m not quite sure what a head of coaching is
  18. I think you will be surprised. DC has previous for massive clear outs in every job he’s had.
  19. They’re retaining their current backroom staff
  20. Must have missed us losing to Oldham
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