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  1. Correct. He should’ve had about four yellow cards in the game to be fair.
  2. Thought we were quite good against FGR despite not winning.
  3. This. There’s a couple of posters that embarrassed themselves on the thread today.
  4. Have we stopped scoring?? You should’ve mentioned it!
  5. That argument would suffice if it was muscle injuries but it’s not they’re all impact / serious injuries which DC just can’t legislate for. I think it’s just unlucky this season.
  6. FGR away controlled both halves not just one
  7. Think it being McKirdy is clouding everyone’s opinion on this
  8. Amazing people think McKirdy did anything wrong after watching the replay. He only followed the cross in for any spillages (which any decent striker would do) then clearly slows down before getting to the keeper at which point Covolan inexcusably swings a boot at him.
  9. Admin are you really going to let this lemon ruin every thread?
  10. Cheltenham’s local press reporting Hussey is set to sign
  11. No tin hat required. Swindon game is much bigger!
  12. Thought it was interesting having a Burton perspective and to be fair Ed was very fair on his assessment of the game. Good episode!
  13. I can tell you’ve been waiting for us to lose a game. Must’ve been awful when we were winning every game!
  14. Need to get Martin and Johnson out ASAP and sign two actual CB’s
  15. On Saturday it was literally just “Accrington get battered everywhere they go” probably didn’t help Coleman’s mood [emoji23]
  16. Last season all the stats suggested we were lucky at the start and that it wasn’t going to last. This season the stats suggest we are outplaying most teams we play and should actually be higher. Hopefully it lasts!
  17. Convenient your comparing pope to Wilson not Proctor (who is Popes replacement)
  18. Wilson’s never ever been a target man nor was it claimed he was a target man when he signed. So to have a comparison to pope in your head is just strange.
  19. Incredibly harsh on Walker that is. I think he does the defensive midfield role really well. Good on the ball and hardly loses a tackle.
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