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  1. Or he is just bemoaning your mates poor recruitment which led to him been sacked?
  2. Good to have a “we don’t care fc” on here. Remind me how many games have you won since he went?
  3. Are you going to go and support Askey’s next team?
  4. Askey’s history. The sooner you get over it the better.
  5. Is that a bad thing given how bad our defence has been this season?
  6. I’m sure I read he played left back a lot for Bradford Park Avenue
  7. Think that’s why we’ve changed the football structure so hopefully going forward we will have better recruitment so this won’t be an issue.
  8. Clarke said they haven’t assigned job titles yet and that Billy Paynter and Danny Pugh will be helping out but DC and DF will review it.
  9. We’ve just had a Mr Nice Guy whom our players walked all over. I’m glad to see someone with a bit of bite and a bit of arrogance.
  10. You’ve got to be on the wind up
  11. That says it all. There’s no point talking to you. #clueless
  12. Seemed to have more about him than Askey. Let’s face it these players have had an easy ride for far too long.
  13. On the flip side Bristol Rovers fans were buzzing when they thought he was going there and gutted to see him come to us
  14. Was definitely a poor dig at charity work. I hope the poster is never struggling to put food on the table.
  15. Did he offer a majority of them new contracts? Yes or no? Don’t let facts get in the way of the myth
  16. Pretty poor post that is. You say no disrespect to the community side whilst clearly disrespecting it. Are fans that daft that they can’t see the two aren’t connected at all?
  17. Good job we’ve got rid of Askey who put this dreadful team together.
  18. It’s a pretty standard model in modern football. Welcome to 2021.
  19. I imagine they didn’t submit a full 22 man squad. Could be wrong though!
  20. Look at the jobs he has had / got. He must have something about him.
  21. Anyone but Caldwell [emoji23]
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