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  1. David Amoo has verbally agreed his contract according to Baggers
  2. You can get an emergency loan in if the back up has played less than 5 times. With our improving reputation you’d hope we’d have more clubs willing to do us a favour than when we had the shambles season with goalies a couple of seasons ago.
  3. Think you’re thinking of Mark Sykes who Is still at Oxford.
  4. The cut off was the last game so he will be ok unless he manages to get 15 yellows.
  5. A quick observation of the table shows we are very serious contenders.
  6. We aren’t serious play off contenders? Have you not seen the table. The mind genuinely boggles. And also have you seen where Cheltenham are? They created even less than us so what does that make them? Very stupid criticism by you in my opinion.
  7. I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw it like that!
  8. You can’t see us selling out but reckon we will take 2,300ish which is what we’ve been allocated?
  9. It was a red all day long but kettles poor handling of the game built up frustration and Clark has done something daft
  10. Think it’s more to do with JA being unhappy with Pope off the pitch
  11. Officially signed a new 2 year deal. Good news!
  12. Have you got that off one person on a windup on Facebook?
  13. Think you need to chill and take a couple of hours to calm down before posting. Proper knee jerk reaction post this is.
  14. Archer gone to Stockport on a months loan.
  15. In fairness we don’t have the endless stream of money that Salford do.
  16. People are forgetting we’ve actually been decent against the better teams this season
  17. Have you not been for most of the season? As we haven’t really missed Manny all season. Yes today wasn’t great but it’s forgettable game we won which we move on to the next one from.
  18. If one of Burgess or Taylor pulled up with an injury you’d have been slating Askey too... the guy literally couldn’t win.
  19. What do you make of Burgess? I’m sure he’s one of the ones you hated?
  20. Wow a whole essay without mentioning Ryan Lloyd.... you’ve changed Ernie.
  21. What a load of nonsense. If we give Askey time he will build something here but your attitude their stinks of modern football turd.
  22. Because you’re literally going on and on and on about it?
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