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  1. Judging him based on Wikipedia are we?
  2. The other signing we have lined up won’t be underwhelming or a “steady squad player”
  3. I personally think we should just leave it alone and not appeal at risk of getting the bad press and the ban is unlikely to be overturned
  4. Have you genuinely gone back and watched 2 games just because we’ve been linked to someone?!? [emoji23][emoji23]
  5. Going to Ipswich I’ve heard
  6. Going to Bolton apparently. They seem to be throwing around a bit of £££
  7. And Nathan Smith wasn’t exactly quick despite being younger
  8. Crookes isn’t a full back
  9. So we made the correct decision to let him go
  10. Cullen has signed a 1 yr deal
  11. David Amoo has verbally agreed his contract according to Baggers
  12. You can get an emergency loan in if the back up has played less than 5 times. With our improving reputation you’d hope we’d have more clubs willing to do us a favour than when we had the shambles season with goalies a couple of seasons ago.
  13. Think you’re thinking of Mark Sykes who Is still at Oxford.
  14. The cut off was the last game so he will be ok unless he manages to get 15 yellows.
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