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  1. He didn’t count towards the numbers due to his age
  2. As long as they’re out by the end of the window it’s ok. Worse case scenario they can be “de-selected” from the squad
  3. Comparing Askey to Rudge.... you really are deluded.
  4. You’ll be saying Pugh out after Sunderland [emoji23]
  5. You just need to let it go. The correct decision was made.
  6. Pretty sure Smurthwaite signed them
  7. Why are you obsessed with the management team that has just left?
  8. Almost like we support a lower league club isn’t it
  9. Just like Askey had no idea his Macc team would be so good that ONE season?
  10. They said in the commentary on Boxing Day that he actually had tested positive for covid.
  11. Just going to ignore the abysmal run we’re on? How very ambitious!
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