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  1. We need to find another way of playing when teams stop us playing through Joyce as at the moment we look completely stumped when the defence can’t give the ball to Joyce
  2. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t they beat Cheltenham away?
  3. Ignore the the post you’ve quoted he has a personal issue with Smith over Smith being a stoke fan as a youngster.
  4. Personally think you’re overreacting to the cup defeat
  5. I thought the no away fans was more to do with the restricted capacity’s rather than the travelling?
  6. We won 1-0 there under Aspin. But it’s always an awkward place to go.
  7. Be interesting to see if McKirdy gets a run out in this
  8. He isn’t wrong in his assessment of the referee
  9. That was exactly the type of game we would’ve had a frustrating 0-0 draw in last season
  10. I personally got my season ticket in the knowledge we’d be going to few games and still got the ticket to support our owners.
  11. Save the “underwhelmed” post until tomorrow [emoji106]
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