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  1. It was a red all day long but kettles poor handling of the game built up frustration and Clark has done something daft
  2. Think it’s more to do with JA being unhappy with Pope off the pitch
  3. Officially signed a new 2 year deal. Good news!
  4. Have you got that off one person on a windup on Facebook?
  5. Think you need to chill and take a couple of hours to calm down before posting. Proper knee jerk reaction post this is.
  6. Archer gone to Stockport on a months loan.
  7. In fairness we don’t have the endless stream of money that Salford do.
  8. People are forgetting we’ve actually been decent against the better teams this season
  9. Have you not been for most of the season? As we haven’t really missed Manny all season. Yes today wasn’t great but it’s forgettable game we won which we move on to the next one from.
  10. If one of Burgess or Taylor pulled up with an injury you’d have been slating Askey too... the guy literally couldn’t win.
  11. What do you make of Burgess? I’m sure he’s one of the ones you hated?
  12. Wow a whole essay without mentioning Ryan Lloyd.... you’ve changed Ernie.
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