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  1. Stupid to single out Pope when the whole team & management team had stinkers
  2. 6 goals in the two mentioned games suggests it wasn’t a bad decision
  3. The disdain is aimed at people like you who spout nonsense without ever going to the games
  4. Not like he’s scored over 100 goals for us or anything
  5. Turns out Macc reserves aren’t doing too bad, hey?
  6. We aren’t interested in what you have to say Norman
  7. Pope has another year. Signed a 2 year contract last Christmas.
  8. Any team in the league would struggle with the amount of injuries we have at the moment. If anything last Saturday proved we do have a decent bench when all are available.
  9. Controversial since Browne is one of the Macc reserves (you would’ve claimed in pre-season)
  10. You are aware he’s actually our top scorer so far aren’t you?
  11. Love how the negativity has spread to the other side of the world
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