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  1. Strange logic to have... I would personally rather the tie go ahead and just win it then see what the draw does for us.
  2. You must be a barrel of laughs at a party
  3. Inconsistent which is exactly why he’s in league 2
  4. We may even possibly see the Lorne Street finished for this?
  5. The new owners aren’t too shabby are they?
  6. He didn’t change anything? I think you’d find he bought a second striker on as soon as we conceded the second. So you’re going to focus on one bad game rather than the very good run we’ve been on? We have league 2 players so game’s like Saturday will happen and you’re just silly if you expect us not to have hiccups along the way!
  7. What a load of nonsense
  8. We’ve lost a game it’s important not to panic and tear it up like this predicted team.
  9. To me it looked like they just grabbed each other. Personally didn’t see any punches or anything like that.
  10. Think Joyce is suspended for the next league game isn’t he?
  11. Awkward as we’ve been in great form since Monty moved to LB
  12. How many times has he saved us over the last season and a bit??
  13. You’ve got an appropriate username
  14. Wonder what Ernie reckons about him now? [emoji23]
  15. Think Atkinson was just injured rather than left
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