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  1. "Get the vet and 'ave 'im shot!" whenever an opposition player goes down!
  2. Didn't he also keep playing the same 11, not even making subs!
  3. The Dean Glover of was Ipswich. I think it was New Year's Day and was a belter! I have a feeling that it may have been voted goal of the season by an Ipswich Fanzine but not certain of that part...
  4. My thoughts on looking at the team is 433... but what do I know.
  5. Tyler Denton? Yes I liked the look of him and was disappointed when his loan was cut short for "family reasons". Strange how some players just seem to fizzle out isn't it? We've had a few here over the years.
  6. Alan Boswell was the 'keeper when I first started going to the Vale with my dad. I remember him going walkabout all the time and a bloke behind us in the Railway Stand kept yelling, "Get on yer line Boswell!" It remained a catchphrase in our family for years!!!
  7. Ben Whitfield? Sent from my moto g(7) power using onevalefan mobile app
  8. Wasn't it against York City, Christmas time? Absolute cracker of a volley! I think Dennis Smith was York manager at the time too...or am I making that bit up?
  9. I didn't boo him. I make a point of not booing any player, and certainly none in a Vale shirt. However, in spite of his relative success at Vale and very decent goal return, I never really rated him. I always got the impression that he was going through the motions a bit.
  10. Didn't Paul Maguire come directly from Stoke or had he been in the States for a while?
  11. Think it was. Tranmere if memory serves and didn't we actually come from a goal down too? Also, I think the game before that was away at Notts County which we also won. I parked in some sort of disused cattle market, or something like that, and it took what seemed like hours to get out surrounded by lots of disgruntled Notts' supporters!
  12. Yes, I remember Addai being good in that game. Thought he'd had a run of injuries either side of that performance but not sure. Difficult when you only see players once or twice over a couple of seasons. I remember Kaid Mohammed always looked like a classy winger/ forward... except in a Vale shirt...and going back further Bob Delgado anybody...?
  13. Yes, I think Dodds got a couple. We actually scored first and then sort of collapsed. Somehings never change, except for the stunning comeback? I remember, just before Richards scored, saying to my daughter that I fancied us in the replay...[emoji2]
  14. 4-3, Richards scored direct from a free kick in the last minute. We were 3-1 down with less than 10 minutes to go. When we got to the station in Huddersfield there was a bunch of Vale fans who'd left early to go to the pub... they wouldn't believe we'd won, thought we were winding them up.
  15. Not if he takes penalties like he did at the weekend!!! Sent from my moto g(7) power using onevalefan mobile app
  16. Yes and Robbie Williams played...and scored a penalty if I'm not mistaken. Also think one of Foyle's kids played but was only sort of toddling about. Sent from my moto g(7) power using onevalefan mobile app
  17. Just for the sake of a debate... what about Monty's goal v Orient? Great surging run, cracking finish and on his wrong foot! I remember even Mrs Valiant issuing an exclamation when she saw it...and she doesn't even like football!
  18. No problem with Stockport now that Gannon's gone. Always had a soft spot for Halifax. They'd do for me.
  19. Morecambe and Exeter come to mind but the point of my post wasn't meant to be critical of Vale on their recent run. Rather, an observation that these things happen in football.
  20. In some ways they've done to Vale what Vale have done to a few teams the past month or so. Score against the run of play and then just defend like mad, break up the play and run down the clock.
  21. I remember Liam Burns playing almost an entire game in goal against Wigan, who were a strong team at the time, and keeping a clean sheet! Can't remember what season it was...
  22. Didn't Pope used to fancy himself as a keeper?
  23. We'll you wouldn't make the Daily Mail for any LEFT reasons...[emoji41]
  24. Sorry for bringing back sad memories, Jacko, but thank you for clarifying the date of the game. I thought it was "autumn" time. Just out of interest, does Eddie recall if one of the goals was scored very early in the game? I seem to recall my dad saying that we missed a goal! Thank you. Sent from my moto g(7) power using onevalefan mobile app
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