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  1. Aberdeen started playing him in a more advanced role [emoji2369]
  2. Confident Carol is fully aware what the priorities are to be fair Bobby and she is planning to open the other side as soon as she can, with a plan to do so
  3. How many times in past 40 years have we sold out home tickets ( answer is less than ten )
  4. If he isn’t playing again we won’t be signing him If he is, we may
  5. Yet I’ve clearly said numerous times on here I wanted Gibbo to stay , I would have kept him The problem is I’m Ernie not DC of DF
  6. VAT, concessions etc If you think the average net receipts on tickets are anywhere near £20 I doubt I’d be asking you help me prepare a budget As an aside how many times over the past 35 years have we sold out all home seats ?
  7. Our greatest manager in living memory didn’t get every transfer right , far from it I tended to trust his decisions far more than Ernie in the Swan Pub on match day though
  8. Think he bought his own speakers mate or used some Argos Bluetooth ones
  9. I really wanted him stay , however over 92 league games he’s got on the pitch in 33 and lasted 90 mins in 15 I’m not the manager, if I was I would have signed him , I really hope he’s over this bad injury period
  10. I think Charsley has ability, it’s all about opinions
  11. I thought that about TC from rat 20 odd games, boy did he prove me wrong
  12. I would as well, sadly Gibbo hasn’t been involved in two thirds
  13. Excellent we agree then, we have no idea if he is or isn’t
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