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  1. I’d say the current squad ( not individual players ) has far far more strength in depth
  2. Their manager also added some were higher up the table as well
  3. It seems a poster I’ve ignored keeps getting quoted about DC management and handling of players , jeez this is whilst he supports Askey and his treatment of Whitfield , and exactly why Wozza didn’t play for that spell
  4. I see Cheltenham local sports writer saying 5 clubs were after Lloyd on loan
  5. Doubtful , he signed new 3 year contract before joining us
  6. I’m going to be really old fashioned here and actually wait to see him play before judging
  7. And I think Jacko meant come Wednesday they will be out of contract
  8. Honestly not sure mate , I have no idea what qualifies as a senior appearance
  9. As it seriously a senior appearance then of course I am
  10. It’s a Jay Bird looking at pic , happens to be one in LG1
  11. We never approached him mate , was choice between Crewe and Tranmere
  12. I apologised , I’m not very good at expressing myself in written form , it’s hard to portray the emotion behind it
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