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  1. Having started this thread I must have blinked only to find they’ve sold out. I saw a comment saying that they were having more on Thursday. As I was in Burslem the young girl behind the counter confirmed this and told me to phone the ticket office tomorrow. Have you ever tried phoning the ticket office, very rarely the phones gets answered.

    You can pay on the day mate
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  2. Just can someone confirm I'm not going mad please. 
    There was a passage of play when Pett got a head injury. 3 or 4 passes later Accrington hit it 20 foot wide after the ref played on. 
    He then proceeded to give a drop ball instead of a goal kick and Pett walked to the sidelines. 
    I'm right that I witnessed that aren't I ? 

    You’re not going mad mate, I couldn’t actually believe it, fully expected a goal kick to Vale.
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  3. As cold as I've ever been at Vale Park without any wind chill. The pitch was unplayable towards the end and many players were skating around on it.
    One thing that sticks in the memory from that game was that the liner gave a throw-in against us that was obviously our ball, and their player decided to sportingly knock it straight back out of play to give us the throw.

    Yeah I remember that, didn’t John Coleman instruct his player to do that? I could be wrong though
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  4. The bookies wouldn’t take any bets on that game being a draw,that I can remember. We lost out on a play off position on goal difference. I’ll take Torquay, Halifax, Notts County or Chesterfield. Bennett recalled but wasn’t in the team for Stockport who won 4-0.

    Correct, I remember going the bookies to put £100 on the draw but the match wasn’t on the football coupon
  5. According to the sentinel 1200 sold, so either the 800 figure for Saturday is wrong or the total is more than 1200.

    My guess would be The Senile is completely off the mark as usual. Either way I think there were plenty there today purely to collect the loyalty pack and will renew later as they didn’t fancy queuing in the rain. Bloke next to me in ticket office was not a renewal so hopefully there will be plenty more buying ST’s for the first time.
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  6. Walsall fan here in peace.  I genuinely fear for both of us this season and that is down one man - DC.  He's left us with the poorest Walsall team I can remember and spent most weeks picking names and formations out of a hat.  We now have his long time assistant who's spent years learning all the poor managemnent decisions from him and now we don't look like scoring.  Ever.  By the sounds of it, you are in a similar position - poor players with a manager who blames everyone else for everything - players, fans, tea lady.  He is not a manager who can get the best out of or improve bang average or worse League 2 players.  His last 14 matches in charge of Walsall / Vale - 0 wins.  And not many goals.  Honestly, we weren't at all sorry and bitter when we were trying to tell you about him.  For both our sakes let's hope the teams below us are even worse than us.

    He started with excuses at Vale almost immediately. Seems very good at saying what people want to hear, probably how he managed to get the job at Vale.
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