The most bizarre Vale line-up ever?

Centre-half Phil Sproson in goal? Terry Armstrong in last season’s kit? Jimmy Greenhoff with his back to the camera? What on earth is going on here?

Well, ahead of the 1982-83 promotion season, Vale decided to have some fun with the summer team photo and publish one with some deliberate mistakes.

On the photo, you may be able to spot the following errors:

  • A rugby ball in place of a football
  • Phil Sproson is in goal and keeper Mark Harrison is in an outfield player’s kit
  • Terry Armstrong is in last season’s kit
  • There is a rugby ball in place of a football
  • Captain Russell Bromage is missing a boot
  • Andy Shankland is wearing the wrong socks
  • Ernie Moss’s shirt sponsorship logo is upside down
  • There is a ringer (anyone know who it is) in the front row
  • Jimmy Greenhoff is facing the wrong way