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  1. Neville Kirkland
    2nd May 2024 @ 4:30 am

    I will be honest my opinions on the young guns is this ,you are either talented or not ,Reese Walters is miles away from being a 1st team player ,deeper Is still not mature enough ,both will come good but in a few years ,shorack now he is good enough for yhe first team it’s the same as the young lad on Saturday who come on forgive me can’t remember his name but again showed a lot of promise,I will be honest I think managers protect these kids to much and should allow them to flourish, so it’s back to league 2 for a few years perhaps on a Saturday I may go home smiling for once because thos league is vales limit I am afraid ,good luck next season VTID

  2. Paul Wilshaw
    2nd May 2024 @ 11:14 am

    Totally agree with your comment. To stand a chance of competing and challenging in L2 we need a balance of experienced pros to complement and educate our young players. We will certainly need leaders out on the pitch, sadly lacking during the last two seasons.
    The stumbling block is always going to be financial. Will Moore have the budget to attract the experienced players he needs to build around if he can’t offload some of the deadwood who are sadly under contract.
    It’s great to see these young lads coming through the set up, but unfair to put too much pressure on their shoulders at this stage of their development.

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