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  1. "Cabinet members at the city council receive a £12,000 special responsibility allowance (SRA), on top of their £12,000-a-year basic allowance." Looks like she doubled her money. So the integrity of the electoral system is with less than 12K
  2. Not true. Well the bit about hating the Tory party is [emoji1], but I believe if you are elected representing a particular party and it's values and ideology, you shouldn't simply be able to switch sides. It's undemocratic. Any defection to another party should automatically trigger a bi-election. I'd be saying that even if it was the other way round. I'm more incredulous about her having been quite vocal on social media regarding inequalities created by the Tories, and her historic links to the miners strike for her to then go and join the very party responsible for all her previous angst.
  3. Most people who care about the democratic process?
  4. I believe she was offered a cabinet position. Which means more money, more power, more limelight
  5. In footballing terms it's the equivalent of being elected Chair of the Vale Supporters Club, only to take up a role with Stoke City while purporting to still represent the interests of Vale fans.
  6. Why not a subject for discussion here? It's in the off topic forum. It may be a free country but she was elected as a Labour Party candidate supporting their policies and manifesto. Her constituents didn't vote Tory. If she had any decency about her, she would step down as a councillor and trigger a bi-election.
  7. If true she has lost all respect from me, and I'm sure plenty of others. For someone who was the daughter of a striking miner that is some serious treachery.
  8. Forgot to add my reasoning... Southall -was just head and shoulders above any keeper we'll ever see at Vale in my lifetime. Full backs - both were basically defensive wingers. Hughes had blistering pace, both could cross a ball accurately and Simon Simon was a cult hero with the best chant for any player while I've been a supporter. Centre Halves - Aspo was hard as nails and would run through a brick wall for the team (even played on after that horror tackle from Steve Foley in 92). Deano was so cultured and comfortable on the ball, never seemed in any difficulty in any situation. Midfield
  9. Personally, I think Maynard's best days are well behind him. I don't think we'd be getting value for the wages he would demand. If we are going to go for a big name at this level and pay big wages for an experienced striker. Brett Pittman would be my first choice.
  10. An best Vale XI from my time as a fan is such a hard thing to do. I could change it 100 times and still not be happy with it. I've gone for... GK Neville Southall RB Simon Mills LB Darren Hughes CB Dean Glover CB Neil Aspin CM Andy Porter CM Robbie Earle LW Steve Guppy RW Mark Chamberlain ST Andy Jones ST Tony Naylor Subs GK Mark Goodlad CB Phil Sproson CM Robin Van Der Laan CM Ray Walker ST Martin Foyle. So many Vale legends and personal favourites I could have made a whole new team with the players I've had to leave out.
  11. Klitschko was 1/4, Fury was 3/1. In boxing terms that's not a huge underdog.
  12. Fury beating Klitschko? Hardly a major upset that! Douglas beating Tyson was the biggest up set in boxing history. Douglas was a 40/1 outsider in a three horse race. Corrie Sanders beating Klitschko was a huge upset. As were both of Lennox Lewis' defeats to Hasim Rahman and Oliver McCall
  13. When you say "the law needs to be more flexible" I'm presuming you mean changing the burden of proof? From beyond reasonable doubt to on the balance of probability? Then we can expect a lot more miscarriages of justice. Personally I would rather someone who probably committed a murder getting put away for manslaughter than an innocent person getting banged up for 20 years on the basis that limited evidence suggested they were more likely than not to have done it.
  14. I'm not disagreeing with you that the charge of manslaughter was lenient. However the Crown Prosecution Service,with all the evidence at hand must have believed a conviction for murder would be difficult to achieve. Nobody knows if the defendants were lying (their demeanor would suggest so) but for a murder charge to stick the prosecution would have to prove BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT that those men knew the policeman was attached to the car, they intended to drag him along and they intended to kill him. Without any material witnesses and with only the evidence of the body and the state it was i
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