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  1. Ive long suspected that McKirdy, Robibson and Clarke werent Askey signings or that he was heavily leant on to bring them in. I also believe he has wanted rid of Pope for a while and has been prevented from doing so. All that does is send signals to the players that the manager has no authority. When you combine this with the facy that one or two didnt like him in the first place, it has created a situation where the players rule the roost and we have gone from a cohesive unit with a strong dressing room to a circus in a matter of months. Askey isnt responsible for that, ultimately someone els
  2. So if its just bad signings surely Carol has to sack him for making clueless decisions that have led to us picking up one win in our last 12 games? She is either being very generous to allow him to then ship those signings out in January after less than 6 months of their contracts and giving him another opportunity to sort out a shambles of his own creating? Or she is aware that someone else on the payroll bears a degree of responsibility for those players being at the club against the managers wishes, and she is biting the bullet accordingly?
  3. He might have a poor record at Vale when it comes to recruiting quality. But his whole managerial career has been built on signing players with the right attitude. When he cam into the club he wanted rid of Miller and Whitfield straight away because they didnt posess the right professional approach. Its well documented that he wanted rid of Pope when he failed to heed his warnings over his social media conduct. Yet Pope didnt go and he signs McKirdy, a player whise disruptive attitude is well known. So either we believe that Askey has suddenly changed beliefs that he has held for his entire ca
  4. The whole Askey Out, Askey In situation boils down to this issue if you ask me. Askey is a manager jnown for building squads that are greater than the sum of their parts. Its all about the right attitude, a good work ethic, versatility and a willingness to sacrifice personal glory for the benefit of the team. So players like McKirdy and Robinson are the polar opposite of everything Askey stands for and expects in his players. They were both late additions to the squad after it appeared our summer business was complete. Sowho was responsible for bringing them in? Askey? If so, then its a comple
  5. Just listening to the Barrow review. As is evident from my posts earlier in the thread, i suspect that Mitch hasnt sufdenly become a problem over the last few weeks as a result of hanging around with McKirdy. I saw with my own eyes that he used to associate with the likes of Miller and Whitfield and were relatively openly taking the piss out of the manager at the end of season presentation in May 2019. So you have to question the manager in resigning him, and in signing McKirdy in the summer. McKirdy's reputation was well known, so why would a manager who is renknowned for building a cohesiv
  6. Well Askey has benched him and then sent him back prior to the end of his loan period despite Gibbo still being injured and Zac Mills being in terrible form and costing us goals and points. That says to me, that there is something more going on.
  7. Spot on Alex, i thought you were an excellent guest who offered a balanced and reasonable viewpoint
  8. On the subject of dressing room unrest, it would be interesting to hear your thoughts. Judging by the team andcsquad that were put out yesterday im assuming that Pope, McKirdy, Robinson, Clark and possibly Cullen are involved. We know Askey wanted rid of Pope at the end of last season (but that didnt happen) McKirdy and Robinson were both late additions when we thought our business was done and Clark was an emergency loan due to injuries. So whose to blame for the unrest? Do we have any sympathy with Askey as on the face of it, he signed the majority of those players and had a chance to get
  9. Hi Stu, I wasn't trying to suggest that you guys were not laying into the Cambridge performance because you'd had Carol on as a guest. More that the fans in general are giving Askey a bit more slack than they normally would because they don't want to be seen to be overly critical due to the massive effort Carol and her team have put in. Given that huge effort from the owners I think we all deserve a bit better from the team than we are currently getting. It's not a disaster by any stretch of the imagination, but it's definitely below expectations.
  10. I'm not one for over reaction and cant be doing with hysteria, but feel you are being overly kind in your assessments lads. I think it might be down to the Carol factor, and that nobody wants to be critical when we had such a feel good factor around the club in pre season. But for me serious questions are going to have to be asked if things don't improve quickly. Yes we have got injuries, but a lot of has been made of our squad depth, and as such we should be in a position to cover those injuries, so its not really an excuse this season. too many players are under performing, and fo
  11. Just managed to catch up with the Carlisle review. Thought you were pretty much spot on with your assessments. I was more inclined to agree with Stu's assessment of the first half than Johnny and Bezza's to be honest, but it should have been obvious that the midfield was testing overrun, and things should have changed at half time. Having said that, as poor as we were, we should have been 2-0 up before they scored, and had we have taken those chances we would have won the game inspire of the poor managerial decisions. Thought you were generous to both Legge and Pope. Two senior pros who.were a
  12. Presumably with the references to "dogs" abuse and getting the "woof" end of the stick, it might be a Keith Lard situation [emoji6]
  13. Thought the Sproson criticism was a bit OTT fellas. We don't know what's gone on there, but I would be laying the blame at Forest's door. There would have been plenty of interest in Taylor in the summer, not least from us, but Forest pissed about with him. Clubs looked elsewhere and with the salary cap now in place, most will have used their allocated budget by this point. I suspect there were very few options left for him at this stage of the season, and Sproson has had to get him in where he can.
  14. Interesting debate regarding Amoo if he's fit. You couldn't seem to squeeze him onto the bench. My question would be will he get in when he is fit? And if not is he surplus to requirements? I've never really seen the attraction myself. He wouldn't get in ahead of either Worrall or Rodney that's for sure, and McKirdy is the other option and he gives you a goal threat that Amoo doesn't.
  15. Just listening to the pod fellas. Couple of points to make. With regard to fans being allowed in the ground, agree 100% with everything you said about Boris' ridiculous rules... But...the Hashtag United video shows exactly why the ban remains in place. While the vast majority of responsible fans will adhere to social distancing, there will always be <ovf censored> who behave like that and ruin it for everyone else. It might be 30 or 40 of them watching a tinpot team, but in league football you could have groups of 4 or 5 hundred doing the same thing. Ifollow is a farce, I had problems w
  16. Forgot to add my reasoning... Southall -was just head and shoulders above any keeper we'll ever see at Vale in my lifetime. Full backs - both were basically defensive wingers. Hughes had blistering pace, both could cross a ball accurately and Simon Simon was a cult hero with the best chant for any player while I've been a supporter. Centre Halves - Aspo was hard as nails and would run through a brick wall for the team (even played on after that horror tackle from Steve Foley in 92). Deano was so cultured and comfortable on the ball, never seemed in any difficulty in any situation. Midfield
  17. Personally, I think Maynard's best days are well behind him. I don't think we'd be getting value for the wages he would demand. If we are going to go for a big name at this level and pay big wages for an experienced striker. Brett Pittman would be my first choice.
  18. An best Vale XI from my time as a fan is such a hard thing to do. I could change it 100 times and still not be happy with it. I've gone for... GK Neville Southall RB Simon Mills LB Darren Hughes CB Dean Glover CB Neil Aspin CM Andy Porter CM Robbie Earle LW Steve Guppy RW Mark Chamberlain ST Andy Jones ST Tony Naylor Subs GK Mark Goodlad CB Phil Sproson CM Robin Van Der Laan CM Ray Walker ST Martin Foyle. So many Vale legends and personal favourites I could have made a whole new team with the players I've had to leave out.
  19. Klitschko was 1/4, Fury was 3/1. In boxing terms that's not a huge underdog.
  20. Fury beating Klitschko? Hardly a major upset that! Douglas beating Tyson was the biggest up set in boxing history. Douglas was a 40/1 outsider in a three horse race. Corrie Sanders beating Klitschko was a huge upset. As were both of Lennox Lewis' defeats to Hasim Rahman and Oliver McCall
  21. Presumably that will be Frank Sinclair's role.
  22. I didn't manage to see it last night, but was that the one where Lee Mills equalised late on?
  23. Another good topic to try and get the inside story on, would be the whole Paul Wildes episode. Him and Norman seemed such an odd couple, how did it come about, what was the relationship dynamic, where did it all go wrong, and was Wildes departure the beginning of Norma's descent into madness?
  24. Not a good time to become a Vale fan [emoji1]. I was lucky enough to start going in the early 80's so got all the glory years in my teens and early 20's.
  25. I always liked Bradley Sandman. He was a good wing back, but he suffered from the fact that he followed Simon Simon.
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