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  1. Would you like to buy my black and gold scarf?
  2. Why don't you get behind the lads and cheer them on?
  3. That is what happened but brought about change a lot quicker and possibly prevented the ground being lost. It also meant we could get back to the football a lot quicker. The difference this time is I am glad I am out of it, very glad. Can't see any way back. Cheers.
  4. The people complaining the loudest are those have been going for 40,50,60 years. Surely even the clappers will have to accept something has to be done rather than just rejoice in the fact that you will have a ST even if comes with a free lobotomy.
  5. I don't need the money, but I do expect to be entertained for my money and am prepared to pay for that. The money I spent on festival and concert tickets last month would buy three or four season tickets. Sadly that rules out any chance of a ST for next season already because of clashes.
  6. I haven't lost my temper since I last went to a game . Its made one hell of a difference.
  7. However well intentioned , that's the attitude that's got us into this mess AND the previous mess. You've learned absolutely nothing. The only thing in our favour is that even dogs only give an electrified fence one , in the case of a few, two chances.
  8. How could anyone be bitter about owning the club outright , being owned by that mish mash consortium was the worst thing that ever happened.
  9. Coincidentally a couple of hours ago I found a document produced during the troubles which detailed a lot of the prospective purchasers . It made interesting reading . I also had some interesting conversations at the time , particularly with a guy from Portugal. He sent me a copy of the draft contract he produced and during the few days after, a couple of the directors phoned me (separately) and described some of the things in the contract that they didn't like. Funny, I couldn't see them in mine.
  10. The details held at Companies House do not indicate the personal wealth of the owners , nor do they indicate, unless you know where to look, what other companies they may be involved in.
  11. Not as much as some of the other family members.
  12. Don't tell him tell Companies House!! Surely someone should be giving you alerts.
  13. Jean, what do you think V2001 did? The problem with not having your own funds is that there is no slack, when things don't go according to plan or go wrong. A bad winter with low gate receipts, injuries to key players, the removal of a poor manager etc.
  14. Have you ever tried writing on a rabbit?
  15. Nice one Tim. I do remember one ex Vale player (he owned a frozen food business while he was playing) who made a payment (to HMRC I think) by writing his cheque details on the side of a frozen fish. It was legal tender and they had(dock) to accept it . Can anyone think of any suitable media that could be used instead of cash or cards?
  16. That's on the list, but it will take more than that and is unlikely at present. The only alternative for me would be an early bird ST (because I would only make at most two thirds of the games due to festivals and holidays) but to get a ST I would have to be confident of still wanting to go by April. That's at least 2 years away now.
  17. That's the attitude that kept V2001 in control for so long and took the club to admin.
  18. Tell that to the fans who will only go if theres a cash turnstile.
  19. If you like cash so much , why no cash turnstiles?
  20. That appears to be a good answer.If Nathan Smith is sold in the summer will the proceeds go into the team or to pay of loan account? If the latter will the selling price reduce?
  21. Cosmetics is pointless. The shares and/or club will still be only worth what someone will pay for them.
  22. My health is fine because I found the ideal solution. You should try it.
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