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  1. I thought this was a thread on how to get more supporters through the gate. Harsh wont do it.
  2. Csnt play Henderson and Dier together , too negative. Dier has been awful in the last few games. Sterling is awful on a regular basis, need Lallana back, who has a brain. Alli is a child and needs some serious work on his attitude. Both keepers are good enough. Need Rose back playing with Walker as wing backs. Centre backs are accidents waiting to happen. At least we have one of the best strikers in Kane with Rashford also coming on nicely.
  3. Did well with those . Gave all of the money to one of the fundraising bodies. I presume you've got the adult one.
  4. I am part of his family/friend group of 7 or 8 of us who used to go/sit together. None of us now go regularly or even at all. I think you could count the highest attendees games on the fingers of one hand over the last two seasons. We have all made our decisions independently of each other too with out any interference. That should tell you something. I stopped going because I hadn't enjoyed going for a long time and that was over two and a half years ago. It is probably difficult to whip up any enthusiasm to go again when you know you will be sitting on your own. I am comfortable away from it all and at present I feel it is unlikely that I will ever go again , certainly not this season, other things have taken up the time and are far more enjoyable. I also feel a lot of frustration with the fans . In fact Andy was physically attacked by two so called Vale fans for daring to carry a banner saying V2001 out!! Memories are short and it has happened all over again with Tim becoming the whipping boy (I haven't seen anyone apologise to him yet). I wont be joining the protests this time , there is little point, but I do have a black and gold scarf for sale.
  5. Is it any surprise. They don't want to be jeered and spat at by the "real" supporters.
  6. He's never been the same since he went to a fancy dress party as Daniel Sturridge.
  7. Never argue with a fool for he is doing the same.
  8. You cant claim constructive dismissal if you've been sacked!!! You claim cd when the actions of the employer lead you to resign. I think you mean breach of contract.
  9. What about a collage of all the so called moaners saying I told you so.
  10. Always shy away from the problems with a silly quip.
  11. Sadly I am not a saint , although I am a Lord, but choose not to assume the title .
  12. He'd have to be downright mad.
  13. I only joined in because theres nothing else worth talking about on here, Dave.
  14. What difference would constructive dismissal make, they would have to pay up his contract anyway.
  15. Over the last two games the only ones worth their places are Kane , Rashford and Henderson. Sterling , Dier and Chamberlain are awful, the full backs have pace and nothing else, the centre backs are an accident waiting to happen and the childlike Alli needs to grow up. This is England remember , our chances in Russia are not good.
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