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  1. Sadly , a vale fan of over 60 years, Chris passed away this morning. I have not been on here for many years, but many fans will have known him well. He spent the last few years in the disabled stand though.
  2. New Fairport Convention box set and the latest Gaz Brookfield
  3. Saw Martin Taylor about 3 years ago. Pretentious noodling. Mind you I don't like Yes either. Listening to Benjamin Folke Thomas - Copenhagen, excellent. Reflections on War by Garry Miller, and the new Grateful Dead box.
  4. The only female singer ever to record with Led Zep! (although I saw Robert Plant and Kristina Donahue do a superb version of Battle of Evermore, and Alison Krauss for that matter). I managed to get one of the limited edition box sets in November. Cost me £150 but well worth it. The cheapest now, if you can find one is about £750.
  5. Sandy Denny by a country mile Honourable mentions Chris While Kellie While Julie Matthews Thea Gilmore Kirsty Dusty Chrissie Hynde Grace Slick Alison Moorer Emmylou Maria McKee Julianne Regan Beth and Danii Gibbins (not to be confused with Beth Gibbons)
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