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  1. I think that people are forgetting the problems with V2001. It wasn't a failure to get on with each other. They got into power on the back of other peoples cash and then closed the door behind them. They restricted the amount of shares anyone could buy ( the only way to change it was long winded), they stopped most people from applying for directorships by a minimum share qualification. One of them even claimed he had a golden share! They then proceeded to turn down any offers for the club and made themselves untouchable for a good while. AND MANY FANS WOULDNT LISTEN WHEN ANYONE TRIED TO GO AGAINST THEM.
  2. The next time you hear from them it will be under another name.
  3. If that's true then we don't have enough fans to keep going, might as well pack in now.
  4. That's how we got in this mess in the first place, and the last one too.
  5. They know how to run a successful business and interact with fans (to a very high level)
  6. Would you like to reconsider that comment?
  7. Reading this, how can anyone disagree that the fans have to take some of the blame.
  8. Because there are people far far stupider than him.
  9. The reason I have money is because I have intelligence and common sense.
  10. Why?? Repayment of a loan is not taxable. Once you have made a loan the only tax consequences are on interest received or capital gains/losses when the loan is sold on or written off.
  11. The Charlatan wont stop while he's reeling so many in
  12. You didn't understand me did you
  13. Dads Army EASILY NUMBER ONE. Fawlty Towers Blackadder Men Behaving Badly Royle Family Best three lines Don't tell him Pike What first attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels Wibble
  14. We should always be trying to strengthen
  15. So we're signing Mike Nesmith , Peter Tork, Mickey Dolenz and Davy Jones then.
  16. I'm confused. I'm sure someone commented on the exclusivity receipts going into the club. If the sale of the club would be by selling the shares surely the receipts go to the shareholder.
  17. Isnt that part of a Monty Python sketch?
  18. If I had made an exclusivity payment and was not supplied with the full information I would be asking for my money back and the club might be appearing on Cant Pay We'll Take it Away. So cant see how this was the case.
  19. That's two successive losers you've backed! Hope you're not a betting man. Third time lucky eh.
  20. Didn't you actually give Smurf a donation and support V2001? Credibility problem there.
  21. How do you think those who were over the edge a couple of years ago and were abused instead of listened to feel?
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