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  1. I've got it now and understand why we had to have Brexit. Instead of creating jobs in the UK and paying taxes here, our companies have to create jobs in the EU and pay taxes there. Excellent loophole.
  2. Citing the availability of produce from outside the EU, from places where we would normally have got those things at this time of year is a measure of Brexit success????!
  3. One of the most irritating defences of Johnson's lies ----- 'all politicians lie' so that makes it all OK
  4. I learnt a new word recently 'mumpsimus'. Can't think why it made me think of this thread
  5. How can the alert level be R + number of infections? Did I miss something?!
  6. Great, this tiresome argument is over - I'm glad it's been explained to me. Out of my £24K salary, I am off to spend £2000 a month on beer.
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