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  1. Warning for those going by train via London, there are engineering works and trains aren't as frequent as normal - via Three Bridges
  2. The issue I am on about is not old sewerage systems or building on flood plains or global warming, it is the pure act of dumping raw sewage into the seas. Why do it, other than not being able to source the chemicals
  3. I think you'll find that the UK government is taking advantage of not being bound by EU Statutory Instrument 214/2020, which is in place to maintain water quality and not expose neighbours to emissions (mainly Ireland) in our case. Part of the reason they are allowing it is because we can't get the chemicals for treatment into the country. I wonder which part of Covid is causing that????
  4. It's all fine if the EFL are going to take this approach, but how are they going to do this consistently with one camera at each match? By default, most off the ball incidents would be missed assuming the cameraman is following play.
  5. What I love is how short this thread is?!! We won ffs
  6. But the Pfizer vaccine was developed using funding from Germany and not warp speed 🤔
  7. More of a case of blackmailing youngsters into getting vaccinated
  8. I'm booked in for my vaccine on Tuesday actually smartarse. I have never been anti vax. I don't actually need it but if it's for the greater good I will take my medicine. Beat me to it
  9. Tbf he's never been anti vax
  10. It was a fans vote wasn't it?? Or is that what you mean
  11. Don't forget that Johnson was still planning his trip to India at that time - he didn't cancel for another 10 days after this.
  12. Was one foot on or behind the line? If so it's ok
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