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  1. Barry, sorry to hear about your condition, I hope it continues to be manageable without deteriorating further. Thanks for everything- the competitions, the poems, the stories and your insights. Hope you’re able to keep following Vale from Down Under for a long time
  2. I remember one his goals that night was a header from a Haldane (I think) cross where Pope seemed to float in the air for longer than gravity should have allowed
  3. Good point! I forgot about that. Am I right in thinking Cullen has links with Barrow?
  4. Deeply saddened to hear this news. I didn’t know Mike, only heard his calls to Radio Stoke on occasion, but was more than aware of his unwavering passion for our club and for always seeming to be doing the right thing. His memory will live on within the club that still exists thanks in no small part to his efforts. My thoughts are with his family. Rest in peace Old Sage
  5. Here’s a few not mentioned so far, at least I don’t think they’ve been mentioned... Aimee Mann Lucinda Williams Tracyanne Campbell (sings with Camera Obscura)
  6. Heard them quite a bit on 6music and they sound really good
  7. Another one worth a look (although as far from The Capture as it's possible to be) is State of the Union on BBC2 Sunday nights. It's a married couple's conversations in a pub immediately prior to their marriage counselling sessions. Each episode is just 10-12 minutes so there's no padding out. It's better than I've just made it sound!
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