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  1. No i dont think we had that many😁
  2. I think the one ticket per season ticket holder may have impacted the following, I can understand the logic me and the lad were going to go but only i have a season ticket and didnt want to get one for myself and then risk not being able to get one for my lad so did not bother at all
  3. Just google Brexit australian points based system and fill your boots
  4. I always understood, that after brexit we would use an australian type points system so trades that were required were given immigration priority. My only problem is that the government seem not to use it quickly enough.
  5. Didnt we have the record for having the most points and not getting promoted
  6. Bad example Jacko, the queen is in know way caupable in the case of saville or the public in general. The BBC were his employer and knew what was going on and failed to stop it. As for bias i think i read somewhere , several news presenters were on the payrole of big companies receiving sponsoreship , how can they be biased
  7. Like it or lump it buddy, its the only food you got in 😁
  8. Saw James Wilson as a schoolboy playing two years above his age group,he was a one man team left,right footed he moved like a gazelle and was head and shoulders above anyone on the pitch. Was picked up by United not long after, a natural you don't lose that.
  9. A wise man once said, "Never argue with an idiot or he is arguing with one too".
  10. Mods, can we close this thread down Brexit is done.and we are where we are. I don"t think i can stand another 10 years of brexit caused this one way or the other. its a waste of board space.
  11. Looks like Liverpools deputy mayoress, has stepped down awaiting an inquiry for allegedly breaking lock down rules. Bet big Joe is not happy
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