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  1. 36 minutes ago, For Us All said:

    Give it a rest,it's  not the time or place to try and gain brownie points?

    I'm never sure when the right time to question the government of the day is? 

  2. 1 hour ago, Doha said:

    Who do I write to in China for reparations?

    Not only do Vale miss 3 weeks of cash flow because of this, but if the season starts up again we will potentially be in the position where players OOC in July are playing games around then. How's this going to work exactly? 3 week coronavirus contract extensions?

    This is shlte. I'm gutted. Would rather it was behind closed doors than binned off.


    We'd be in an even worse position if it was played behind closed doors. At least the money will come in at some point in the future when the games are actually played. 

    If it gets as far as July, I think the season will be declared void and we'll start again in August. No promotions/relegations/championships etc... 

  3. 14 minutes ago, valefan16 said:

    The Arsenal players had been in contact with a person who has tested positive for Coronavirus so the right thing surely until their players get the all clear to avoid spreading it.

    Countries don't generally close things down like Italy which will destroy economies and businesses over "flu" so I think people are under estimating it, reports from Italian Doctors treating it are worth a read and may make you think twice... plus its ok say Me getting it but would I risk my 93 year old Grandmother or my Mother who has had respiratory issues in the past few years?

    The death rate in Italy is fairly high, partly maybe due to an ageing population but the lack of vaccine or full understanding yet is a worry. There was nothing like this with SARS or Bird Flu in terms of measures so I trust the scientists and governments (who won't want to cripple their own economies) probably know better than we do the exact dangers.

    I don't anticipate football being played with fans at the minimum within a couple of weeks in England and I would say the Euro 2020 and Olympics are at genuine risk of not proceeding.



    I think they may postpone the Euros and just push the season back a month, rather than play behind closed doors over here. 

  4. 11 hours ago, Playa Amodores said:

    With Ireland v Italy rugby already having been cancelled and talk of Tokyo Olympics not taking place, could it affect football. I’m not bothered about the Euros as I don’t have an allegiance to international football. Could the EFL start taking action because of ppl gathering in football stadia. I’m no expert, just asking if they could take this action.?

    I'd be seriously considering stopping the Premier League and forgetting this season ever happened...

  5. 15 minutes ago, Davebrad said:

    yes that's the one, but Piers was not on that morning, or  else the 2-(self moded), would not have got away with shouting Dale down.

    Piers would presumably have been the one doing the shouting as usual, or is it only ok to shout someone down when you agree with the person doing the shouting?

  6. 27 minutes ago, Regal Beagle said:

    Anyone see the Ian Dale GMB interview last week where he walked off because he was basically ambushed by 2 morons and the presenters of the show did nothing to police their debate.

    It is a familiar tactic on there, I think terry Christian was posted on here somewhere the week before. 


    This is GMB which is presented several times a week by Piers Morgan?

  7. Long term I don't believe much will change Barry. This will be the compromise, we can say we are out to keep the Brexiteers happy, yet in terms of the day to day life of the majority of the population, there will be little difference tomorrow morning, 1 January 2021 or 50 years into the future. 

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