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  1. I'm never sure when the right time to question the government of the day is?
  2. We'd be in an even worse position if it was played behind closed doors. At least the money will come in at some point in the future when the games are actually played. If it gets as far as July, I think the season will be declared void and we'll start again in August. No promotions/relegations/championships etc...
  3. I think they may postpone the Euros and just push the season back a month, rather than play behind closed doors over here.
  4. I'd be seriously considering stopping the Premier League and forgetting this season ever happened...
  5. Piers would presumably have been the one doing the shouting as usual, or is it only ok to shout someone down when you agree with the person doing the shouting?
  6. This is GMB which is presented several times a week by Piers Morgan?
  7. Long term I don't believe much will change Barry. This will be the compromise, we can say we are out to keep the Brexiteers happy, yet in terms of the day to day life of the majority of the population, there will be little difference tomorrow morning, 1 January 2021 or 50 years into the future.
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