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  1. Stoke are surprising only 13/2 for promotion to the Prem next season. I'll lay anybody that bet. Vale 11/1 to make the Championship.
  2. They trashed the sinks in the bogs ? I vaguely remember hearing about it. They don't want you to have a wash, having accused you of not wanting one.
  3. Most of them detesting the Vale's success in their promotion to league 1 on their Stalecake forum. Boooooo...
  4. They have some very, very abusive fans over on the Oatcake forum even though their admin say they won't tolerate abuse.
  5. Pretty straightforward or at least it used to be: Anybody who believes one race to be superior to another or racial hierarchy.
  6. Vale evens favourite to win the match. Let's hope the bookies have it right.
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