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  1. Great night. Well done. Proud to be a Vale fan.
  2. The Junior scheme is amazing. Tenner or £25. The latter includes next season's home top. Bargain.
  3. I love it. I would still attend the games that I would normally have. But see ones that I would have just listened on the radio.
  4. Maybe Man City will win it this time. I don't like them but they were impressive 2nd half.
  5. Tranmere will go up via the play offs. Hope not though.
  6. Notts won't even be in the play offs. Could not believe it when they sacked Ardley. Stockport is easy for me too.
  7. Some people aren't keen on Flitcroft. Not sure why. He is a proper football person. And has good business knowledge. The lad from Mansfield will be decent.
  8. In the past I have thought, Leave him alone. He is a easy target. Now things are mounting up. Bad man.
  9. Don't know to be honest. Just one of many good players I have seen in that division. We could get anyone we want from there.
  10. Legge to stay. Become one of my favourites. Priority imo.
  11. I see a lot of the National league. Boudewijn from Notts County would be good.
  12. Now they are down I think we will paste them.
  13. I am not devastated about Grimsby or Southend. Somebody has to go down !. There are others I would have preferred it to be though. Salford for one. Maybe a Southern club.
  14. A few weeks ago the lot could have gone for me. Now I am thinking the more we keep the better we will be. Not sure the manager will see it that way. He might want his own players in. Either way, I trust he will do a good job.
  15. They will be back big time next season. VVD is the best defender in the World. Was always going to miss him. They will walk the league title. Yes I know about Man City.
  16. Pretty reckless latest album.
  17. Yes. Of course I remember it very well.
  18. Needs to stay. Heard the owner praising him the other day on the radio. ACDC and Flitcroft seen to be working well.
  19. Have to get the programme sent to me seeing as we won yesterday. Must say it is a great read.
  20. Eh, don't mention him who was on the radio. You will know what I mean. Horrible. Leave it at that.
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