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  1. You always knew that you were in for an entertaining evening when Mike attended any meetings. Never been a better guy to sum-up what football is all about. Passion, loyalty, humour and the spirit of being with folks that you’ve known (and some loved) for all of your life. I’m not a religious person but Mike’s family should take great comfort from everything that he did and for what we will all benefit from, starting with promotion in 2021 x
  2. It's important but not always essential. Just look at Blackpool. Smurf going nowhere. I accept that and the fans will never unite to force him out. But we need to replace Aspin, sadly.
  3. Laughable comments. It's almost as if you enjoy the misery and failure.
  4. As Tom Pope said, "we are where are are." All sounds a bit familiar that. All this over-hoping is unrealistic and unfair.
  5. The biggest worry is that Gorm is everywhere at the moment and yet again taking as if he's just taken over the Club. Nothing can happen until we're safe but after that he better get used to those "little red flags" and much more. ****.
  6. Has anyone ever asked what everyone does at the Club? We're bottom of the FL, bust and run by a ****. Can't really get any worse than that.
  7. That's a great CV for a top businessman #turfoutsmurf
  8. Congrats to NS. I'm even more depressed after the meeting than before it. He threatened us with administration about 20 times last night but the ONLY positive aspect is that to do so would cost him £M's and he ain't gonna do that. He's arrogant, deluded and incompetent, yet still a few nobheads getting all teary about him saving the Club. He offers no hope, hates the fans and maintains he's a successful businessman in offshore accounts. Ahem. He even has the audacity to say that Synectics can't afford to run the Club. This from a man who has accumulated £4M of debt via HIS incompetence. I'm beginning to wonder if he's mentally ill. I just wish that Synectics would come out from the undergrowth and be a bit more Mo-like in the PR stakes.
  9. Singing to yourself? Did you say that you were going to the meeting on Thursday? I'll buy you a pint if you are.
  10. Pity that the same can't be said of some on here Will you be joining in the chanting tonight?
  11. I thought that Saturday's alternate chants were effective. More tonight would be good. Just to set the scene for Thursday's love-in.
  12. You need to get out more. Have you got a little black book?
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