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  1. I feel exactly the same way - win the next game and fans that have criticised since before the COVID break will be back to promotion talk. You can argue that they pay to attend matches so if they want to boo and complain for everything then they are entitled to their opinions, but if you're a real supporter, with a balanced view, you would know that unnecessary pressure is counter-productive to your club's path to any form of success. Some of the things written in the FB group are actually ridiculous. We laugh at Stoke fans on P&G, our fans are worse. And I'm aware that I'm moaning about people moaning but we've had 20 years of poor ownership, we know what it looks like. We should also be aware that the club is one big ship in the sea that is going to take time to turn around. I'm not saying fans shouldn't have an opinion if they don't agree with mine, not at all, but just because our colours are black and white it doesn't mean all our opinions need to be. A Vale fan on Twitter over the weekend was already writing off Hall and Hussey after 3 games (Hall hasn't even played that yet) There will always be those fans in football, I understand, but for what is considered a small fanbase in the EFL, we have way too many knee-jerk supporters.
  2. I have a diary from 1995, I was at that game, Tuesday night match in March, I had a look at the dairy entry, Stoke lost 4-2 that night. I don't remember the game though.
  3. It's backfired as a lot of people were hoping it was true.
  4. Yeah, that is why I said "motivated more by football/winning/wanting success over". I wasn't saying they're not motivated by money. Regarding wage talk, it happens in a lot of workplaces. I see this in my job, managing people, they like to brag and compare pay.
  5. Being strict with the salary structure also means you're only bringing in players that are motivated more by football/winning/wanting success over great pay for this level. Salah at Liverpool wants £400k a week to sign a new contract, around double what anyone else is on at the club - if Liverpool yield then everyone in that starting 11 will expect a bump in pay to re-sign. It never just costs you more for the one player.
  6. I'm sat in the Paddock just past the halfway line on the Hamil Road side so I didn't have the angle at all. I think I know the one you're talking about but there was one from a goal kick, their number 9 was offside, Smith messed up with the header and their number 9 touched it and he didn't flag. Seen the goal back though and he's onside, no doubt. Also not sure how Smith was MOM last night either, we didn't have anyone that shone but I think Garrity was really good first half, did all the hard work for that driving run into their box and fluffed it at the end and he was everywhere, made a few passing errors in the second half but I think he's been our most consistent player this season. I actually like Walker, he's big and strong but kicking that ball out for a corner near the halfway line that lead to their goal is as Sunday League as I've seen us this season. The form doesn't look great, three league losses on the bounce, the first being before the COVID break, the second being down to 10 men, and last night, well, I think if you're having 3 chances cleared off the line then it isn't your night. I understand the benefits of having a streamlined squad but I think we are feeling the other end of it at the moment with suspensions, injuries and a recall. First half we started slowly but we should have been out of sight by half time, we dominated. But when. think about the game, the image I have in my mind is the ball being constantly passed back to Stone, Stone hoofs it, we get the ball but when its ran into the channels the delivery is lacking, when it's knocked anywhere near the middle of the park, there is no run, no movement, gets passed back to defenders, they pass back to Stone, and so on and so forth. I'm confident Flitcroft is working tirelessly to bring in the required players - I'd take someone who can create in the middle of the park right now.
  7. I didn’t know where to start to be honest but this is spot on. We have too many sitting players in the middle of the park and not enough creativity. Garrity in the first half was outstanding, if he had scored from that run into the box I think it would have been our goal of the season. I actually don’t know how we didn’t score in the first half. I just hope fans don’t over-react but I fear they started doing that on Saturday. A long way to go yet, it is worrying that we lost against a truly woeful Salford side but that also gives me hope that this is just a blip. i haven’t seen their goal back yet, has anyone seen it on twitter? It looked offside and that lineman missed at least two other offsides in the second half.
  8. Maybe challenge for the ball was the wrong wording but he's ran into the box and entitled to try and get to the ball, he's tried to slow down and put his hands out, I don't know if he would have been carded for it because we don't know what it would have looked like after Cov kicks him in the chest.
  9. How many times this season have we been poor for most of the 1st half and then kicked in 2nd half? If Covolan isn't red carded its impossible to know if we would have done the same against Swindon but his sending off made it impossible for that to happen. Just got to write the game off and as Valefan16 said, get the balance right with discipline.
  10. I'm choosing not to go back too many pages on here, scared what I will see. My take on it is, definite red, Cov knew what he was doing, McKirdy in the situation has done nothing wrong, the way he ran at the keeper is no different to what you see in pretty much every game of football, if he was playing for your team and he was giving up, you'd be screaming at him to challenge for the ball. Calls for him to never play in a Vale shirt again are absolutely mental talk. The typical knee-jerk reactions from Vale fans I've come to expect but always disappointed when I see. There is zero chance Clarke will sell him so why people are even speculating or even thinking it should happen is ludicrous. He's the best goalkeeper we have and do they honestly think we are going to find and secure a new player this month? I understand that people get frustrated and they say things to vent, but this sort of talk causes unnecessary boat rocking, counter-productive to our aim of getting out of this league. He won't be the last Vale player to make an error like this. Let Clarke deal with it and focus on Salford.
  11. Ah yes, it expires 30th June 2022, only relates to this season.
  12. "On 16 September 2021, Swindon Town was given a suspended three-point deduction by the EFL, relating to the non-payment of player wages in June."
  13. I listened to their Swindon podcast The Presser on lunch for the Vale Preview, won 1 in 6, beaten by an in-form Mansfield in the week, because of their embargo they are struggling in the January window to bring players in as they are being outbid on wages etc. McKirdy is a concern, scored something like 6 in 3 and will be fired up more than ever to notch. Will be an interesting game. Talks about Vale from the 22:20 mark.
  14. I'm hoping this means a signing is announced today, because we have such a streamlined squad, a player must have signed for us to be confident enough to terminate his contract.
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