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  1. Especially after a year of no fans costing clubs money. One of the reasons I'm confident and excited for next season is the club is being run by real supporters and Askey wasn't appointed in his position by the current owners, so Clarke and Flitcroft coming in has been a real state of intentions of getting out of this league and I think when it comes to recruiting new players for next season, the finances will be looked at, not in the short term costs but what can be achieved in the long term. At this level, it's rarely done this way. Unless you're Salford...
  2. I was walking around Asda Tunstall Tuesday night listening to the latest podcast trying to work out who had guessed the worst and best at the retain list. Looking forward to the next episode lads.
  3. I agree, especially with the Euros this summer and fans allowed in, fear of missing out will play a part too. Carol has definitely said that people can claim their money back during the season for their season ticket. I'm assuming the reason they will refuse now is because the season is gone and they could have watched all the games online. I appreciate in this case the couple in question haven't but where do you draw the line. I'm not for a second saying they aren't genuine but there isn't anything stopping someone giving Vale a secondary email address that they know wasn't used to regi
  4. Yeah, sorry I meant in his prime. I don't think he was regularly in the side when we had those two on the wing.
  5. It's a shame we didn't have him a bit later into the 90's, Walker in the middle with McCarthy and Guppy out wide, Naylor and Foyle up top. Dynamite.
  6. The talk of celebrated Port Vale goals over the years got me thinking of my favourites. They don't have to be thunderbolts, it might be the situation in the game, what the result meant, just a great moment in time. I'd love to see your top 3 and why, even though a lot will be self explanatory: 3rd Place: Bogie's 12 second goal against Vale. One of a handful of home games I missed between 1994 and 1999 and I had to miss this huge moment. I was gutted that I was at home listening to it on the radio. Ian Bogie always seemed to step up in the big games, pretty sure he scored at Stoke in
  7. He meant if the season was 230 games.
  8. I was thinking the other day how Vale's transfer record to buy in is still £500,000 for Ainsworth 25 years+ ago, with inflation that figure is even higher. We were in the old Division 1 back then but I hope its not another 25 years before we can break that record.
  9. Do you remember in my last post how I said your post was embarrassing? This one was worse. Hughes left the club 7 years ago, I'm talking about the current squad. Funnily enough the manager at the time didn't want Hughes either but the chairman ignored him. I still don't know what your point is though - are you saying if we can have a player like Lee Hughes who killed someone following his dangerous driving, we can have Tom Pope who through his most recent scandal was banned for 6 games?
  10. I aren't saying Lee Hughes was the greatest striker that Port Vale ever had, or questioned why he left. If you are going to defend your statements may I suggest adding some balance to your opinions because your comments are really embarrassing. Just checking though, you're not Tom Pope are you?
  11. Jeez, let them sign some players first before you make these kind of comments. Madness.
  12. No doubting his commitment to the club and he was instrumental in a promotion push but he's done well out of the club too. Lets be honest as well, he brought unwanted attention to Port Vale with some of his comments and in my opinion the right decision has been made. Too many people wanted a contract offer because of what he is to the club and not because of what he still can do. The truth is he wasn't our best player this past season, he didn't look great on Saturday against Mansfield. I wouldn't be surprised If he wasn't taken in by another L2 side, I think he will go Hanley. He
  13. I was one of the ones that felt some of the reactions on Monday were unnecessary. I fully back Clarke and I think he has 100% done the right thing, it's created a real buzz about the club that hasn't been felt for a long time and I wasn't calling out people for expressing they thought it was the right thing; I just felt there were a few over the top reactions with very unbalanced views and opinions.
  14. This is quality work Doha. I'd like to think Flitcroft sees this and steals the format, Port Vale's media go in and do an interview and you can see it in the background on his laptop.
  15. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but this is just pointlessly negative. "Talk talk and no knickers"? Clarke took over a sinking ship in Bristol Rovers in March 2014, over the summer canned 13 players, rebuilt and got them back into League 2. The following season he did it again and got promoted into League 1. Must have been dumb luck and lots of shouting though, eh?
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