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  1. DG doesn't like to reveal too much (the next opponent might find out we're going to do exactly the same thing as we did last time).
  2. Do you think we would have won that game without the sending off? At the moment he has a slight weakness. As a massive Brown fan (who wanted him to stay), I'd say Lucas' confidence in commanding his area makes up for his 'going walkabout'. It's certainly an easier thing to fix and will cost fewer goals.
  3. I'd love us to go 4-3-3. Covolan Cass Smith Martin Jones Pett Walker Garrity/Conlon Wozza Wilson Rodney The big thing for me is having energy high up the pitch. When we've done that before, we've shaken FGR. Rodney and Woz terrified them at times. I'd stick with Wilson for now. Our biggest hope of getting the goals we need is him finding some form. Askey went through a phase of chopping and changing forwards and it didn't help any of them.
  4. Carlisle are not a good side. There's a bold, absolutist proclamation for you.
  5. I must say, having been very sceptical of DC's approach, I think we could have a serious chance this year, based on what I've seen so far. I can't see any real dud signings. Feels like we just need a couple of goals to get us going. The only thing that's missing for me is an identity. We've got a lot of versatility now, but a settled side and formation is important. I think DC is still trying to figure it out. Personally, I like the 433 given the personnel we have. Jones and Pett have been absolute stand outs and two great bits of business. With good full backs, Legge and Smith are still our best combo IMO.
  6. This looks an amazing signing. Flitcroft knows him well. He was on Soccer AM's "You know the drill" a few years back and looked incredible. Hopefully the injury hasn't set him back. I wonder if this might see us play 442 a bit more often.
  7. I think we might have spent our 'experienced striker' budget now. Playing a patient game is a wise move by DC. A top-end prem youngster on loan or a non-league goal machine would be a decent result. I just don't see the value in another 'experienced' 1-in-6 league striker.
  8. On reflection, I think you're right. We must be better at RB, as Mills was dreadful. LB too as Fitz was also dreadful.
  9. We still need a little more quality for me, if we want to challenge. Obviously, my opinion might change once we've played more games (speculation is the nature of this thread, after all). Compared to last season I'd say we're: Goalkeeper - Similar last year Defence - A little stronger than last year (I worry about Legge having to play too many games) Midfield - Much stronger than last year (Walker is the signing of the window in my eyes) Forwards - Similar to last year A lot depends on how Wilson goes. Like other posters, I think DC will look for a young striker (I like the look of Bailey as 4/5th striker), but we're low on proven goals. For that reason, I really hope DC doesn't want Wozza at wing back all year. The extra work takes its toll on him and he's out best source of chances. The sooner we can pack off Whitehead and Robinson, the better.
  10. The buzzword bingo is what I'm talking about. I don't trust it at work and I don't trust it in football.
  11. It's ok. You didn't need to. Deliberately misrepresenting the views of others just to reinforce your point is so poor, especially when I was positive about the signing in many ways.
  12. Had a chance to Google what a "definitive statement" is yet?
  13. No we don't. I said "I personally think..." In the same post as saying he's a decent signing. Get a grip.
  14. Agree on the wages side of things. I'm not sure we'll ever find out if Tom was offered a reduced deal. I don't buy the age thing so much. Every squad needs a balance. Just look at Ellison at Newport. Got them vital points (including against us) as they made the play offs. This lad isn't a bad signing, but I personally think Pope would have offered more over the year. I think the comparison to Pope in terms of a younger version, is a lazy one. By the time Tom was 29 he'd got double figures 4 times (three times at League one level) and fired us to a promotion.
  15. See him as an improvement on Guthrie, which is fine for a fourth striker. If we're after an option for one year, would Pope have been a better option? Maybe. We'll see... happy to give the lad a chance. Were it not for the surge of pro-DC sentiment on here and this 'trust the matrix' claptrap), I reckon this signing would be lampooned. Hopefully this change in vibe will mean he get's a chance... lot's of decent strikers aren't prolific but do a good team job. Lee Glover was one I remember.
  16. This will definitely be a right back now 🙄
  17. We don't have any right back who will be fit for the start of the season. Don't be disingenuous.
  18. Yes. But more the volume of players across the whole pre-season. The closer we get to the start of the season, the more competitive the market becomes (as we found out when signing Theo). Also, with such a significant re-built, you'd hope for some time with everyone in for the start of the season. Making them all gel is going to be tricky. Personally, a few bad results at the beginning and I won't be getting on the manager's back. That can't be said for the majority of our fanbase.
  19. I've got to admit, I have a few concerns. DC was quite pointed in his criticism of Askey and the balance of the squad - and some of those criticisms were valid. There's also no doubt that being stuck with Theo is a hangover from some poor recruitment. However, I do think DC over-released players as a statement, and that might come back to haunt us. For example, we've signed two left backs and no right back, which was always a priority position (I never want to see Smithy at RB again!). If we wanted to sign a player of Benning's calibre, Monty was always adequate cover. Each and every signing takes a lot of effort, and I think we've given ourselves a lot to do in not much time. I also don't understand the logic of the three contracted players training with the kids. Smacks of ego to me, especially if we can't shift them. Burgess in particular, and Theo to a lesser extent, could be needed early in the season, or at least provide capable bodies in training sessions. I say all this as someone who has been impressed by the individuals we've brought in. I just don't think the approach is beyond criticism.
  20. It's hard to imagine he'll be a better shot stopper than Brown, but from that highlights reel on YT (I know), he looked more confident under crosses and excellent with his feet. I'd love to see Rodney chasing into the channels after some of those kicks. I'm a big Brown fan, but this signing looks good to me.
  21. I was a big fan of Joyce and hope he gets fixed up at Oldham. Good pro and an excellent servant. I have to say, I'm encouraged by the start to the summer's recruitment, including the lads we're linked to. Got to be open minded, haven't you?
  22. I certainly don't want next season to be crap, having just bought a season ticket and travelling 120 miles to each home game. I'll show support every match day, but that doesn't mean just nodding along like a simpleton. I don't like what's happened with Pope. Or Brown. Massive squad turnover rarely works straight away. Those are just my thoughts. I agree that there was a lot of deadwood, but I think DC might be gambling a bit with his approach The way we as fans treated Askey shows how little loyalty there is in the game. He'll need results pretty quickly if he splashes the cash.
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