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  1. Unable to let go or loyal to an excellent goalkeeper? GK is the most important position on the pitch and isn't the place to penny-pinch. Today was another example of the difference he makes. A couple of bad months doesn't make a bad player (or manager).
  2. I hope so. I've enjoyed his tactical work, but he could come across better.
  3. Spot on. It was a pretty simple question that Phil has every right to ask. Came across like a right tool.
  4. Been impressed with the switch to 3-5-2, and he's got some players playing. I just don't know why he has to be such a tit in interviews. Rude to Bowers just now and always talking over people. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but it bothers me.
  5. I'm all for no nonsense, but I do wis Briz would stop just hammering it into the stand..
  6. Maybe, but you can say that about any achievement by any player. Brown did make the save. That's the only thing that isn't hypothetical..
  7. Without Brown, we'd have drawn against Colchester. He's made big save in the big moments, ever since joining. He's not perfect, but we're lucky to have him at this level. Easy decision to give him a deal. If Visser is fit, he'd be my back up next season. I've liked the look of him.
  8. I'd take 20 games of him over 46 from most players in this league.
  9. Oyeleke is an absolute colossus. Great footballer.
  10. Is Lee Novak a crazy shout? Still only 31.
  11. I like Wildig too. Good shout.
  12. Moz

    Retained list

    The players you're listing, bar Brown, aren't what I'd call our core. I disagree that Brown is "past it." Pope will also be a very valuable squad player. The core of this squad is Brown, Gibbo, Smith, Conlon, Oyeleke, Taylor, Worrall, Rodney, Amoo. Those are all players who have proved themselves more than capable of performing at this level or the one above. My point about the finisher was very much relating to the games pre-December, before the wheels fell off at the back. We were playing well, creating chance after chance, and nobody was putting the ball in the net. I'm not n
  13. Moz

    Retained list

    You say that, but many were happy to erase all of Askey's and the squad's good work based on the month of November... I agree there's a lot wrong with the squad, but there's a decent core there. I'm not convinced we need wholesale changes. Remember, if we'd had a half decent finisher in the side, things could have been very different at Christmas. Seven out, 4/5 in, I reckon.
  14. Moz

    Retained list

    If Manny isn't on huge money, I think he stays on a one year. When fit, he's the best midfielder in our squad, if not the league. If he plays 20 games, then that's 20 games we don't need to rely on a Burgess or a Whitehead. You can't take too many gambles like that, but he's one IMO. I'd rather see us replace Whitehead, Burgess, DTS, McKirdy with a couple of better options. Potentially with a DM and a traditional number 8. Despite a better last month, Mills goes for me. As do Brisley, Crookes and Legge. Harsh, but I'd love to see something like: Brown Gibbo - Smith - New
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