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  1. It's no game, seriously. My heart sank when I saw his name on the team sheet. And I know he was an Askey signing. A very poor one (among others just as bad). I thought he was awful first half, as was Crookes. Second half, Mills was one of our better players, delivering a decent cross and defending well. If fit, Gibbo should still start. Surely you agree? What I find hard to fathom is that most of this squad have played extremely well together before and I'd really bought into the football JA wanted to play, with some youth and wingers. Suddenly we bring in a few players and we can't defe
  2. He's picking them with obvious better options. Askey's recruitment last year was abysmal, no argument from me on that.
  3. He's given the ball away every time he's had it.
  4. I said it was a decent 45. Askey would be caned for that starting 11.
  5. His motivational style was fine for the first 75% of his tenure.
  6. Decent first 45. Taylor looks better, Montano is a menace and Rodders is a constant threat. Guthrie is clearly woeful, so I hope he isn't teaching Rodney anything. I don't care how well they trained, or that Clarke's new, Mills and Crookes should be nowhere near the 11. Blindingly obvious. From the way he talks to the press and expresses himself, Clarke seems to think he's some kind of mini Mourinho. For me, him and Flitcroft come across as lower league big time charlies.
  7. Can't agree with that. Co-commentator is fine, but the main guy is an absolute sausage.
  8. If Adams was manager, Mills' arsehole would be red raw
  9. You're entitled to your opinion. I stand by the view that it was a panic move.
  10. I think she was. That's not me disrespecting the woman, it's me understanding that she's a very good business woman who has never had a business with such vocal critics. How else do you explain sacking the boss without having another boss in mind? My other point was simply that if you go to a game, you know you're listening to Vale fans. Unfortunately, the world as it is right now, means that the most vocal aren't always the most valuable supporters. Not a personal dig at you, Joe, just an observation from my own social media. I'll always be a big Carol fan, but in my view, she need
  11. When it comes to getting a consensus on anything to do with the Vale, the biggest problem is that you're never polling the right 4,000 people. My point is that a good portion of the actual cash-paying Valiants who go to Colchester away or a cold Tuesday night home game, don't engage with online stupidity and just get on with supporting the club. If you'd been on Twitter just before the results of the last election, you'd be convinced of a Labour majority, only to realise later that the whole world doesn't live online. One of the biggest mistakes the club has made from a comms perspe
  12. Guthrie is decent. Works hard and frees up others.
  13. What exactly do you expect him to get behind it other than the foot the ball jumped over?
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