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  1. You showed your arse with this post too. What the hell do you do for a living? Stick it on here and I'll happily critique you.
  2. Honestly pal, you're a disgrace. He's a bloke who's one of us, does a decent job and cares about the club. So, he got a rumour wrong. Who cares? Stop being such a Smurthwaite.
  3. Personally, I think Bowers is great and pro-vale. He's also by far the best interviewer on Radio Stoke.
  4. It's easy to forget that being a footballer is still a job with a workplace. I know I do my best work when I feel supported by my manager and have everything in place to help me succeed. Last time round, none of that was true for Theo at Vale. What JA, Carol and Kevin have done is completely change the workplace for the players. That's why some are doing better than we expected (Burgess, Conlon, Joyce etc.) and everyone offered a contract signed it. Also, for what it's worth, he seemed like a good kid in his interview. JA definitely values character in players. Upsetting the apple-ca
  5. Yeah, but you can't ignore my point. He had two dreadful seasons followed by two good ones. Now Theo has joined us, we're ignoring his good seasons. On big wages, Maynard was a risk at 33.
  6. Tell that to MK Dons and Aberdeen fans...
  7. Maynard would have been great, but he's not Messi. He got 14 in 33 last season at Mansfield. Robinson got 11 in 28. Not a lot in it in terms of return, but I suspect Maynard was a lot more expensive.
  8. Liam Burns played left back, CB and in goal for the Vale. Remember Michael Twiss, who had a stint at left back for us, but went on to be a pretty successful striker in the conference.
  9. You won't get Rodney in your pocket, Because no defender can, We know he's the best, And without a question, Devante, he's our man. Why he signed for Salford is a mystery, Like the changing of the seasons and the tides of the sea. La la la la...
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