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  1. A 2-1 defeat pretty much confirms our relegation. We actually played quite well in the final 15 minutes, and caused them a few problems. I would put our support at maybe 150? I was home by 10.30pm, although my son says he still enjoys going so that’s good news! A good win for Vale, looking good for a top 3 finish!
  2. It’s difficult to know what the future brings. Obviously our promotion team was going to break up, you can’t stop players furthering their careers. We have lost Pickering, Ng, Wintle, Kirk, Dale, Jones. It was always going to be difficult to replace them. But this season has been awful, too many loan players who don’t seem bothered. I would hope we would have 200 fans there tonight, but many seem to be fed up with constant losses! I’d rather we started to develop a new team with the youngsters coming through, with one or two prudent signings and the occasional loan signing. But then I don’t support Crewe expecting things to be great every season.
  3. A local game for me tonight, MK Dons away, probably a heavy defeat, but it’s only a half hour drive for me and my son who was 16 yesterday! It’s all part of the fun!
  4. He seems to be bitter about Port Vale, but he does appear to be mentally unbalanced.
  5. So he was the manager of the 1970 promotion side? I thought he did a good job at Everton, they were robbed in the 1977 FA Cup Semi Final against Liverpool!
  6. I hope next season we play our own players rather than crap loan signings. I’m worried we might suffer a double relegation.
  7. It’s all over now, League 2 for us next season!
  8. A win yesterday, but a tough run of fixtures to come, can’t see us turning this around.
  9. Time to start planning for League 2, hopefully we can start playing the youngsters who will develop over the next few years. Too many average loan players this season.
  10. Just to let you know that John Bowler died two days ago. Obviously his reputation is tarnished by his response to the Sheldon Inquiry and inaction at the time of the abuse by Bennell.
  11. I miss grounds that have been demolished, like the Victoria Ground, The Baseball Ground, Highbury, Sealand Road. My favourite existing ground is the Abbey Stadium, Cambridge, which retains old school charm, and the locals are very friendly!
  12. At least no-one can take Season 2019-20 away from us. But we are too reliant on average loan players this season.
  13. Last night looks like the final nail in the coffin of a crap season. League 2 here we come!
  14. My first Crewe game was Good Friday 1970, we lost 1-0 to Swansea Town, as they were known then, crowd was just over 4,000. Set me up for 20 years of misery!!!
  15. Went to Cambridge with my son, not a great game and lost 1-0. One of the 320 Crewe fans at the game, which is a 304 mile round trip for people living in Crewe! There was a bloke sat behind me who spent the whole of the second half fast asleep! Maybe too many pre match beers.
  16. Crewe’s average home turnout is c. 4,000, but this sometimes drops to 3,000 for midweek games
  17. I also randomly went to watch Port Vale v Oldham Athletic on 17 November 1990, which finished as a 1-0 win for Port Vale, with Nicky Cross scoring the only goal. The crowd was 11,384, with about 3,000 from Oldham?
  18. Oh, we won the CAFC derby 2-1! For some strange reason Charlton refuse to play Charlie Kirk, looks like a bad move for him. Shrewsbury at home on Saturday, should be a decent crowd of maybe 5,000. It’s the hope that maybe we can turn things around, the following Saturday I have a game at Cambridge which is only a 45 minute drive from my home!
  19. I think we should just go for it in the final test and pick people who can score quickly.
  20. If the last three wickets can get another 50-60 runs then they might escape with a draw but we need better quality at 1,2,3. Pleased for Bairstow, and Stokes and Wood played well too. Hameed is a walking wicket and Buttler is no test batsman.
  21. My first trip to Vale Park was for our away game in 1978-79, which ended in a 2-2 draw, I think we equalised in the last minute, and the crowd was about 4,600. We finished bottom of the football league that season and should probably have lost our place in the league, but we had friends in high places, and it was clubs like Barrow and Workington who suffered due to geographic reasons……
  22. I was on my honeymoon, Lake Garda in Italy!
  23. Well, that was a waste of an afternoon! Took nearly 800 fans to Burton but our defence was awful. Unfortunately some of our fans think it is funny to throw flares…..we certainly have some brain dead followers……
  24. A good 2-1 win at Morecambe, and up to 22nd. Burton away tomorrow might be tougher….. but you never know!
  25. Just had a lovely Christmas present from my boss, a mug from the Moorland Pottery on Moorland Road, Burslem, with the inscription ‘Cheshire Boy’ on it! It’s a lovely item, I’m delighted! Picking up my son tomorrow from Newcastle under Lyme, then visiting my sister for lunch in Congleton, then home to Bedford, for a family night out to celebrate his 20th birthday! Hope you all have a lovely Christmas!
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