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  1. My top three would be Dusty Springfield, Alison Moyet and Kate Rusby.
  2. Christian played seven matches for the Alex last season when we were struggling for central defenders in November/December. He was a very popular player and I was shocked when I heard this news last night.
  3. Yes, the Gresty End did have wooden steps at the back with a huge void underneath and probably contained accumulated litter. It was a dump for sure. Feel free to make fun.
  4. Just to let you all know that everyone on the Crewe supporters FB page I contribute to has been very impressed with Carol Shanahan, and many have expressed a wish for you to get promoted next season! Maybe it is time for the two clubs to get on better?
  5. It didn’t upset me, I just felt sorry for you.
  6. Oh dear, there’s always one. I would have been happy to see Vale get a play off spot.
  7. As a Crewe fan this doesn’t seem right, but it always looked like this might be the solution. We have had a great season but it is a shame it has come to this. It will be a muted celebration if we are promoted.
  8. Tony Naylor was a legend for Crewe too! So quick and a cool finisher. Scored five goals in a 7-1 win over Colchester in April 1993.
  9. I was a student in Leeds at the time and nearly went to this game as I was at a loose end that day. I’m glad I didn’t go. It was a shocking event and that stand was a death trap. RIP to all who died.
  10. The 8 wins are home matches, our away form has tailed off a bit.
  11. Things getting interesting now! I think we are 50:50 autos or playoffs, and I think Vale are 50:50 for a play off spot, but I think you will do it. Your home form is excellent, only one defeat all season (who was that against?). We’ve won 8 home games on the bounce which is keeping us in the mix. Away from home we have had a lot of draws. We need to win our home games against Newport and Grimsby. This has been the most enjoyable season for a long time. Good luck for the rest of the season (apart from 28 March).
  12. Would be great if Crewe and Vale both went up and Stoke came down!
  13. To be fair, the Morecambe player took one for the team in order to preserve their point. It’s frustrating but that is professional football for you. On a less savoury note, one of the supporters coaches had a brick thrown through the window after the game. Why people do this sort of thing, I have no idea, there had been no trouble at the game from our 1100 supporters.
  14. As a St Joseph’s old boy (about 20% of the boys came from Crewe), my finest sporting moment came at Cobridge when I won the school 800m in 1976 (when I was 12). I went off too fast but just about got over the line before the chasing pack caught me. And I used to go to see the Crewe Kings speedway too on a Monday night, that was a real assault on the senses! Sadly the team only lasted six seasons (1969-1975 I think) but the track was very fast and dangerous. Later used for stock cars but now gone, just like Cobridge.
  15. I agree, we do have some idiots following us these days which is a shame. One such individual ran onto the pitch after our second goal on Saturday to taunt the Macc supporters. He was a lot quicker than the stewards too. You can see him taking off on the highlights....
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