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  1. I’m getting loads of stick from Crewe supporters for being a member of this group. I told them I have been made welcome but that is their problem!
  2. Pope was a graduate of the Alex academy, but he felt that the club didn’t value him, so he moved on. He obviously is a Vale legend but is now playing for Congleton. Is he bearing a grudge against Port Vale?
  3. That was a difficult watch. It contained totally inappropriate behaviour from BB and hopefully he will never be released from prison. It’s time for my club to say they got it wrong and make amends to those affected.
  4. Many on the Crewe fan FB group are saying that they are not going to watch it, which is a poor reflection really. They would rather watch Nottingham Forest v Sheff Utd.
  5. I’m preparing myself for some uncomfortable viewing tonight, but I feel that all Crewe fans should watch this, but some of our less well informed fans won’t watch it.
  6. Maybe I am being a bit biased but I think you can turn this around on Thursday, Swindon didn’t look all that good to me, but obviously McKirdy is dangerous, as well as being quite annoying.
  7. I watched an interview with her and her husband on YouTube and she came across really well. What is Smurthwaite doing these days?
  8. I just wanted to say I wish you well today, it might be difficult to take 3rd spot given that Bristol Rovers have Scunthorpe at home, but Vale definitely deserve a play off spot. For us, time to reflect on an awful season and start to plan for League 2. Thanks also for being kind to me with regard to the dark clouds over the club I love.
  9. Crewe’s capacity is just over 10,000 but we don’t normally fill it!
  10. It’s difficult to see Scunthorpe getting anything at Bristol Rovers, but I do think you will make the playoffs.
  11. I think Port Vale will edge it 2-1. We will be having a relegation party against Ipswich!
  12. We won today! And so did Vale, scrappy 1-0 away wins are crucial when chasing promotion. I don’t think you will blow it now. And goodbye Scunthorpe after 72 years as a league club……
  13. I feel a bit sorry for Oldham, but they have a dedicated support!
  14. I think he had reached the end of the road. But I thank him for developing our 2019-20 promotion team with players who had grown up together, but it was always going to break up. You can’t lose players like Pickering, Kirk, Ng, Wintle, Dale and expect to prosper in League 1. Will be interesting to see if they appoint from within or look to bring someone in from outside, we shall see. I think we may be passing each other. Over 8,000 on Saturday, good crowd for League 2. Stoke have been a bit crap this season!!!
  15. I think Artell has lost the plot. Recruitment this season has been awful. I went to MK Dons on Tuesday and some of them were just going through the motions. Some of the loan signings have been awful. I really think we could suffer a double relegation.
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