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  1. The 8 wins are home matches, our away form has tailed off a bit.
  2. Things getting interesting now! I think we are 50:50 autos or playoffs, and I think Vale are 50:50 for a play off spot, but I think you will do it. Your home form is excellent, only one defeat all season (who was that against?). We’ve won 8 home games on the bounce which is keeping us in the mix. Away from home we have had a lot of draws. We need to win our home games against Newport and Grimsby. This has been the most enjoyable season for a long time. Good luck for the rest of the season (apart from 28 March).
  3. Would be great if Crewe and Vale both went up and Stoke came down!
  4. To be fair, the Morecambe player took one for the team in order to preserve their point. It’s frustrating but that is professional football for you. On a less savoury note, one of the supporters coaches had a brick thrown through the window after the game. Why people do this sort of thing, I have no idea, there had been no trouble at the game from our 1100 supporters.
  5. As a St Joseph’s old boy (about 20% of the boys came from Crewe), my finest sporting moment came at Cobridge when I won the school 800m in 1976 (when I was 12). I went off too fast but just about got over the line before the chasing pack caught me. And I used to go to see the Crewe Kings speedway too on a Monday night, that was a real assault on the senses! Sadly the team only lasted six seasons (1969-1975 I think) but the track was very fast and dangerous. Later used for stock cars but now gone, just like Cobridge.
  6. I agree, we do have some idiots following us these days which is a shame. One such individual ran onto the pitch after our second goal on Saturday to taunt the Macc supporters. He was a lot quicker than the stewards too. You can see him taking off on the highlights....
  7. We actually took 2,500 to Vale in 97-98, and 3,000 to Stoke that season, and won them both!
  8. I think the problem with the Port Vale away fixture is that a lot of families are put off by the threat of violence and don’t want their kids exposed to that sort of thing. It’s a shame really, but it’s not a hospitable ground to visit on derby day. I wish things were different. I would expect us to bring at least 1,500 though.
  9. It’s all getting exciting now, we had a comfortable win against a limited Macc side on Saturday, but still have some tough away games to come. Our loanees have had a big impact, and we have been able to shuffle the pack in midfield. Sounds like a good game at Walsall?
  10. I have to agree, Artell is a bit of a prat. He did have a case that we should have had a penalty on Saturday but he could present himself better. And the Porter miss was unbelievable. But these things happen, I was expecting us to be mid table this season so it’s been a pleasant surprise all in all. Will be going to the Macclesfield game on Saturday, as the team I coach have no match. Still lots to play for.
  11. Yes, Harry was our manager in the mid 70s, and we were probably the dirtiest team in the whole football league at that time. You could see the fear in some opposition players because Harry would always pick 3 or 4 hard men every week. We were regularly up in front of the FA for our terrible disciplinary record. I don’t think we were playing Vale at this time because you were in Div 3. It’s a sad day, and I expect we will have a minute’s silence on Saturday.
  12. We seem to have perfected the art of winning late, which is most un Crewe like. There is a bit of a gap now between the top four and the rest. Two great away wins for Vale, though two red cards doesn’t help. I think autos and play offs will go down to the final week. Pleased to see Northampton lose twice as their brand of football is unpalatable to me.
  13. It has been a pleasure to watch Crewe at times this season. The core of the team - Ng, Wintle, Lowery, Pickering, Kirk, Finney, Ainley, Dale, all grew up together in the same youth team, and they are balanced with a few seasoned pros like Green, Powell, Hunt and Porter. Anene has been a useful addition too with Porter being injured. But we have been lucky with injuries and the squad isn’t big, so we will see how the final third goes. I think the play offs would be a good achievement. Maybe Port Vale will be better placed next season?
  14. Evening chaps! How do you see this season finishing? We scraped a point at Macc tonight, and my feeling is that it will be the play offs at best for us this season, can see Swindon, Exeter and maybe Plymouth taking the top three places, but the play offs are achievable for several clubs, including Vale. I’ll go for Bradford, Crewe, Cheltenham and Port Vale to make the play offs. Any thoughts?
  15. It’s difficult to see how Macc can finish the season if their ground is not safe. It will be a sad day if they go under. It sounds like your game was a good one yesterday, Cheltenham are a good side!
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