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  1. Absolutely awful. Best part of the half was a meat and potato pie and a tea. How can the team be so bad. Cannot remember another attempt on goal other than Charsley effort. Will be luck to make play-offs
  2. Unfortunately so do I Hope Cobblers make it if Vale don't. Any club that appoints a wife beater in any capacity has no moral compass.
  3. Well the Walsall defeat can be seen in its true perspective now. Won that game and just needed to beat Newport. Hate Bristol Rovers - led by wife beater.
  4. Adam Murray left Vale for Besiktas in Turkey as assistant to Ishmael who he was with at WBA and Barnsley.
  5. Unforgettable day. First visit to Vale Park since Northampton promotion game nearly decade ago. So impressed with stadium and club shop. Great bars in Burslem. Glorious sunny day. Awesome performance by every player. Magical goalposts at Hamil Road end. Amazing how many times woodwork being hit. Mysterious how goalposts have saved Vale since the appearance of the tractor at the Salford game. Does anybody have a copy of Harrogate v Vale programme to sell. I was at the game but did not see any on sale. Happy to pay double price plus postage.
  6. Mansfield are to be feared with three games in hand.
  7. How can the team perform like that agaibst easiest opposition they will face for rest of season. Knowing a win would have boded well for automatic promotion they respond like this. Put Murray in charge of team. Disgraceful performance and result. If Lucas injured, get Stone back in.
  8. Time for Lucas to return. Get Dan Jones fit.
  9. Very disappointed. Went into a few pubs after game and every Harrogate fan spoken to said Vale were much the better side. Not confident at any stage of game that Vale would score. Harrogate were as poor as Rochdale. Four easy points dropped!!!! Joel Cooper is the weakest link.
  10. No option on website to watch match on Ifollow. Anybody having same problems. Advice on how to get access. No problem with Rochdale which was first game I watched on Ifolliw - usually listen to commentary
  11. Absolutely gutted. Heart beat never rose at all during the game as they had nothing. Vale defence and midfield good but nothing up front. Wozza an Wilson should have sealed the victory. About time that Wilson started using his weaker foot better. Thought he had enough to get ball onto his left foot and score easily. Seem to make hard work of bottom teams. Can only see a narrow win on Saturday. Great squad of players and should be in automatics by now. Who was marking scorer? Why was Gibbons taking corners when he was dying to get off to have a dump?
  12. One fan on FGR forum claimed Stevens offside for goal. Generally commenting that a good point gained. They have Newport at home on Saturday. Vale must win against odious moneybags! What baffles me is how a striker like Stevens with such a scoring rate is left unmarked in the box. One player should have been clinging to him like a limpet / barnacle and another in very close proximity.
  13. Feel sorry for Aiden Stone. Played well at Leyton Orient.
  14. Rodney amazingly got 2.5 year contract with Walsall
  15. To be fair to Burgess, the only prolonged run in the side that he had was the second half of the nearly season, when he formed a great partnership with Taylor and was instrumental in our unbeaten run and great football, and keeping Conlon out of the side. Apart from that, he's had few opportunities. So I think it's only fair to judge him on that run in the side, and on that basis, he's a good player Totally agree about Scott Burgess.
  16. A bore of a game. Orient never really threatened and Vale's defence was excellent. Never looked like scoring. Very disappointed with Hussey - his corners and free kicks were shocking. Great to see Conor Hall come over to talk to fans. I think he was still talking when the rest of the team was in the dressing room.
  17. About time to get in touch with Bruno's agent!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Pickford was not even booked for a career threatening tackle on Virgil van Dijk. McKirdy should have been booked or sent off.
  19. Lucas kept Vale in the game until that point. Despite comments to the contrary I have watched the incident countless times and not convinced it was a foul. The game did not change on this incident. After the opening ten minutes I knew a heavy defeat was coming.
  20. I agree. I am far from convinced it was a foul having seen it a few times.
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