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  1. Morecambe will be in National League in three years. Horrible team - winning games most of the time with less than 30% possession. Mickey Mouse club - poor fan base and crap ground.
  2. Feel the same. The decision to release Brown and sell Manny made me feel likewise.
  3. Dislike Leicester because of Vardy. Violent thuggery in past.
  4. Sweeney quoted as saying he wanted to leave club as wants new challenge.
  5. Agree 100% about Scott Brown I am very uneasy with what is going on!
  6. Probably due in the main to defenders in front of him. Really gutted to see him go. Great three years at the club.
  7. Scandalous decision to let Scott Brown go. Worthy of another year and in that time his successor could be prepared. Gone off Clarke!!!!!!!
  8. Looked at Barrow Fans Form and every single post was critical of their team with the exception of on person who commented that Vale were the most physical side they had played all season!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Re-sign Manny next season. Awful decision to let him go given the midfield options left
  10. Get Richie Bennett back. Hat trick for Hartlepool.
  11. Am completely sure that Vale will lose last five games without Manny. No confidence in midfield
  12. Hope Chesterfield go up. Anybody except moneybags Stockport.
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