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  1. A very good YouTube film by a Bournemouth supporter which looks at the financial aspects of extending their ground or moving ground. I’m not comparing us with Bournemouth, just highlighting it is worth a watch.
  2. Question - If we finish the Lorne Street where are the extra supporters going to come from to justify the £100,000 expenditure
  3. No subs allowed after added time announced.
  4. Where as the phrase “bargain deal” come from ?? The only report I can find is in Sentinel which reported it after someone on this site quoted it. Alan Nixon the journalist who first wrote the news does not say anywhere the term “bargain deal” Is this another example of Sentinel idle reporting which as sent this topic into hyper mode. In DC we trust
  5. Just been up the Vale and noticed the fence between Hamil car park and club shop has been taken down and posts removed. Looks as though it is not going to be replaced, I thought this was requested by the Police to separate supporters.
  6. I think that’s an off the cuff comment by the ticket office. I’m a Bycars season ticket holder and would have no objections to move. But I think there are far too many logistical problems to solve based on what really was a one match trial. Perhaps over the coming season a few more games could be temporarily moved to provide more information to consider before making the move permanent. As an example a game on a weekend.
  7. Can anyone remember Keith Leonard from Aston Villa , played 12 or 14 times and scored on his last game and showed plenty of potential but Villa would not sell him to us
  8. Did Sammy Robinson get a medal ?? Watched the presentation and it appears they run out of medals
  9. Just seen Garrity’s tackle again, very lucky man not to be sent off. But, the video does not show the tackle by No 6 just before which should have been a foul to Vale. For information it’s on Oldham’s fan’s forum.
  10. AC, DC ‘s black and white army
  11. Jumped into a tackle with Adam, it was a bit high but ref said straight red. Commentators for FGR said they could appeal. Too nervous to watch Vale so flicked onto FGR’s game.
  12. We don’t get penalties cause the refs we have don’t consider the photos as fouls !!
  13. Devante’s main problem this season as been that he never looked interested and therefore his effort was zero.
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