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  1. Just seen Garrity’s tackle again, very lucky man not to be sent off. But, the video does not show the tackle by No 6 just before which should have been a foul to Vale. For information it’s on Oldham’s fan’s forum.
  2. AC, DC ‘s black and white army
  3. Jumped into a tackle with Adam, it was a bit high but ref said straight red. Commentators for FGR said they could appeal. Too nervous to watch Vale so flicked onto FGR’s game.
  4. We don’t get penalties cause the refs we have don’t consider the photos as fouls !!
  5. Devante’s main problem this season as been that he never looked interested and therefore his effort was zero.
  6. Was signed by Chesterfield for a fee over £100,000 and believed to be on a wage in the region of £4,500 a week , that to me was not worth a risk
  7. Spot on, it took 49 minutes for Vale to put a tackle in on no. 28, who ran the show first half. After that Pett was closing him down and forcing him back which allowed us to move further forward. In saying that no.28 was good and I liked his range of passing, any chance of getting him on loan ??
  8. Gibbons is suspended for one game 5 bookings, so misses out.
  9. Interesting comment from a manager at the weekend , he had no idea what was happening as all the COVID testing labs were shut over Christmas and therefore did not know what testing could be done for Boxing Day matches !!!
  10. Why just do Den, Den , Den , Den To, I think it’s Dragnet opening
  11. I think the reason Rodney is getting so much flax is that he looks ‘slow’ and not the player we watched on tv last season. Whether it’s loss of confidence or reoccurring injury problem. What illustrates it more is when he was wide today and given the ball he turned a played it square or back, where as last season he was just turning and using his speed to burst forward. He did not do this once today. So I think he should be given time to see if his pace returns and with it his confidence.
  12. People blaming Smith for their goal, yes he should have put it into the stand but Cass should have done a lot better on the cross and put Angol under pressure rather than a free header.
  13. Radio Stoke announced that Scott Burgess is being re-registered as a player
  14. It was definitely Hartlepool around 1970-72, the funniest part was after bombarding the goalkeeper who went further away, a policeman came across the pitch towards the supporters and as he got to the penalty spot he got the same[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  15. Andy Jones, did not bend them just pure power and accuracy
  16. Nobody’s mentioned how good the third goal was and would say the Vale coach would be pleased with it. Straight off the training pitch, Wilson near post then as corner taken spins off and takes defender with him leaving a big gap for someone( Martin) to run in and flick the ball over, if it hadn’t gone in the net Wilson was there for a tap in. Well worked routine
  17. Good team performance today, understandably slowed down second half as it must have been hot playing in the sun. Like to mention the back three of Jones/Smith/Cass played well and did not give them a chance on target. What a goal from Woz worthy to win any game.
  18. I think the criticism of Devante is born out of a number of poor performances this season not just his 45 minutes against Rochdale. In the second match on the trot he as found himself in a position to either score or square to an unmarked player in front of goal and both occasions as failed to do either.
  19. We needed goals a few seasons ago, and signed a young lad from Birmingham Alex Jones with very little experience. 9 goals in 19 appearances. Just give George a chance
  20. Perhaps, Bycars can have the old ones [emoji23][emoji23] Just settle for the speaker system to work
  21. I thought we should have had in the very minute. From the corner Smith’s arm was blatantly held by Knight-Percival who pulled him down. Wilson loads of effort but no quality balls to him, Rodney poor with only flashes of interest and effort. Proctor played well when he came on and looking how their back two struggled at times probably should have been on from the beginning. Midfield up against two good players in Spearing and Foley and at times they controlled the game, but did not hurt us. Their no. 2 was very pacy and missed a sitter first half and caused us problems all game. Overall thought game could have gone either way so a draw about right.
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