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  1. We were the better team but lost concentration at two vital times. Gibbo I think was to blame for the first goal and Legge for the second. Askey should have put Taylor on before Oyeleke. Manny, not surprisingly is off the pace. Isn’t it great to be disappointed over climbing into a playoff position as opposed to the drivel and acrimony of the past few years. UTV
  2. Wow what a post from Doha. He’s bang on right. One of the best posts I’ve read on here.
  3. In every position we have competition for places. I never thought I’d see a Vale team play like that again after the dross of the last few years.
  4. A wonderful performance. The whole team played well. Cullen showed what he could do. Our midfield were magnificent and Wozza is the best player in this division by a mile.
  5. A wonderful performance. The whole team played well. Cullen showed what he could. Our midfield were magnificent and Wozza is the best player in this division by a mile.
  6. Bennett tries his best. He gives a 100%. However I’m not convinced he’s up to the job especially away from home where you need the forward to hold the ball and take the pressure off the defence. My worry is that Pope’s future suspension will scupper things for us.
  7. I say hold on to the investment until summer. Better quality players available and more of them. Equally the club must remain sensible on the money front. These owners know what they are doing. More importantly they care.
  8. Wow what a game. The magic and wonderment of football. First half we were stuffed. Second half we ripped them apart. Askey has to take tremendous credit for changing the tactics at halftime. We had the midfield shaking hands with our back four in the first half and then trying to play through the midfield. We were losing first, second and third ball. Second half we played both our wingers properly out wide and hit them early. Amoo was superb and Wozza was back to his imperial best. Conlon and Burgess were energy personified. All 3 of the Sheffield Travelling Valiants were happy Valeites as we negotiated our way over the Peaks last night still wondering how that game turned full circle. A game of two halves. Exeter are a good team and had us reeling. Last night is why I love football and why I love this football club. Up the Vale
  9. Excellent game. Joyce my man of the match. Controlled the midfield. Good to see Amoo back to his best. Wozza was quiet in the first half and phenomenal in the second.
  10. When fit and remaining so, he is a shoe in.
  11. This is great news. The fact that I can use my debit card for the deposit is also useful as every year I would turn up to set this in motion with no cash in my pocket. Carol and her team are clearly listening to their fan base. Throw the loyalty idea into the pot Carol and Kev are making tremendous strides to bring this great club back into the heart of this community. We all must embrace this sea of change. Carol has a terrific team behind her a special shout out to Ally Simcock who time and time again has actively helped me and my family out on the Vale front due to the logistics issues with me now living outside the area. For the first time in many years I am so proud of Port Vale football club.
  12. I would keep Jake on loan until the end of the season. This will give us breathing space to see if Manny is fit enough to continue to play at this level. If not there will be greater choice of players to choose from in the close season. Notts Forest may change their minds then. We should not be offering silly money for the lad.
  13. I am amazed that anyone thinks it’s anti-semitic. If he had used the RBS would there have been a Scots uprising. The world has gone mad. I agree, sadly, that in this exceptionally sensitive world we live in, Pope should come off twitter if only for the sake of his bank account. I wonder if he banks with Rothschilds?
  14. My 10 favourite Vale games: 1. Sjoke 3:1 24 November 1992 2. Sjoke autoglass 1993 Van der laan 3. Aldershot nil nil 1969 my first match 4.Burton Albion 7:1 5: Stockport County Autoglass Trophy final 6. Huddersfield away Sjoke relegated 7. Brighton away promotion 8. Bury away one nil. Neville Southall super save 9. Everton home FA Cup Guppy masterclass 10. Chesterfield 2018. The Whitfield goal which saved us
  15. Having read the comment in no way is it anti-semitic. I suspect it’s Man City fans who have started this ball rolling. This PC world has gone mad.
  16. The world has gone barmy. There is nothing anti-semitic in that post. My belief is that this complaint was made by a Man City fan who hated the fact that Pope proved a point yesterday.
  17. Excellent game of football today and both teams played a part in that. Gibbo man of the match for me. Great seeing Wozza back. Joyce was sublime controlling the midfield and spraying passes with pinpoint accuracy. Smith and Legge were strong on defence and for the first time for some while Amoo had a good game. Pope and Cullen missed gilt edged chances otherwise we would have won by three or four. Totally enjoyable game. The Vale are back and we have a club and team to be proud of.
  18. Awful game, awful cynical opposition, awful referee. This game demonstrated how good Joyce is, that Amoo needs to be dropped for his own sake, Worrall’s energy was missed and that Evans is not the answer.
  19. Let’s not be defeatist. I smell a Cup upset on the cards.
  20. We lost to a better team yesterday who were physically stronger than us albeit we held our own in the first half. Our two fullbacks were taken to the cleaners by their wide men especially their left winger who was superb. I’d swap Amoo for him any day. Our man of the match was Brown even though he made the mistake for their second goal. Scunny’s corner kicks were top notch as well as opposed to our little floaters. Wozza was clearly not fit and the forced break will do him and Vale good in the long term. We missed Pope yesterday for his physicality as Bennett is powder puff. His lame header near the end summed up his performance. However he does try and gives a 100%. Not convinced the same can be said for Amoo who looks completely disinterested. Having said that Browne is a weaker alternative which is worrying bearing in mind how poor Amoo has been. We ought to consider playing Cullen and Pope in the team at the same time. The ref was appalling but Scunthorpe deserved their win in the second half performance. Up the Vale.
  21. Rest the first 11 they deserve it. It will be good to give the rest of the squad a run out.
  22. Beautiful story which clearly shows the Vale are in safe and truly caring hands. Long may the Shanahan’s reign.
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