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  1. We were the better team but lost concentration at two vital times. Gibbo I think was to blame for the first goal and Legge for the second. Askey should have put Taylor on before Oyeleke. Manny, not surprisingly is off the pace. Isn’t it great to be disappointed over climbing into a playoff position as opposed to the drivel and acrimony of the past few years. UTV
  2. Wow what a post from Doha. He’s bang on right. One of the best posts I’ve read on here.
  3. In every position we have competition for places. I never thought I’d see a Vale team play like that again after the dross of the last few years.
  4. A wonderful performance. The whole team played well. Cullen showed what he could do. Our midfield were magnificent and Wozza is the best player in this division by a mile.
  5. A wonderful performance. The whole team played well. Cullen showed what he could. Our midfield were magnificent and Wozza is the best player in this division by a mile.
  6. Bennett tries his best. He gives a 100%. However I’m not convinced he’s up to the job especially away from home where you need the forward to hold the ball and take the pressure off the defence. My worry is that Pope’s future suspension will scupper things for us.
  7. I say hold on to the investment until summer. Better quality players available and more of them. Equally the club must remain sensible on the money front. These owners know what they are doing. More importantly they care.
  8. Wow what a game. The magic and wonderment of football. First half we were stuffed. Second half we ripped them apart. Askey has to take tremendous credit for changing the tactics at halftime. We had the midfield shaking hands with our back four in the first half and then trying to play through the midfield. We were losing first, second and third ball. Second half we played both our wingers properly out wide and hit them early. Amoo was superb and Wozza was back to his imperial best. Conlon and Burgess were energy personified. All 3 of the Sheffield Travelling Valiants were happy Valeites as w
  9. When fit and remaining so, he is a shoe in.
  10. I am amazed that anyone thinks it’s anti-semitic. If he had used the RBS would there have been a Scots uprising. The world has gone mad. I agree, sadly, that in this exceptionally sensitive world we live in, Pope should come off twitter if only for the sake of his bank account. I wonder if he banks with Rothschilds?
  11. Having read the comment in no way is it anti-semitic. I suspect it’s Man City fans who have started this ball rolling. This PC world has gone mad.
  12. Poor first half but Askey turned it around with the substitution. Worrall is just a quality player. His constant running and the quality for the second goal made him my man of the match. Great debut by Atkiinson. He didn’t put a foot wrong. I actually wanted Pope off and then he scores two goals!!! Special mention for Joyce who this season is showing us what an excellent player he is. Let’s now get an away win.
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