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  1. Rest the first 11 they deserve it. It will be good to give the rest of the squad a run out.
  2. Beautiful story which clearly shows the Vale are in safe and truly caring hands. Long may the Shanahan’s reign.
  3. Let’s move on and celebrate a superb performance by the lads. The club is on the up. Vale til I die.
  4. Hate is a strong word which in the context of what is going on in the world I personally would reserve for other people. The guy was an inept chairman of a football club, my club and yours, who had no affinity to this club or it’s community. Complete contrast to Carol. ‘Hate’ no. Glad he’s gone? Yes.
  5. Smurthwaite did save the club at the time then majorly fcuked it up. We are one club now and one set of supporters behind this great club. Each and everyone of us have got this wonderful club at heart. No recriminations. Together we go forward.
  6. I was excited by Joyce coming here after the way he ran the show when Carlisle came to Vale Park at the end of the previous season. He was, however, very disappointing last season but I think Cheshire Valiant has nailed the reason why. This season I have him only below Worrall on how he’s performed. Burgess and Taylor have helped provide him with the perfect platform to show us what a quality player he is. It’s player I thought we was bringing to Vale Park. Calm on the ball as well as off it. Doesn’t usually waste a pass. Shields the back four and always gives a 100%. Every team should have a Joyce. I’m just glad we’ve got this one.
  7. Saturday’s game was a strange affair. I said to my brother that neither side look as though they will score. Vale struggle to deal with sides who park the bus. We don’t have that ingenuity. The two wingers, Amoo and Browne literally did not deliver yesterday. Defensively we are sound. Monty looks comfortable at left back. I like Burgess and Taylor, although the latter often runs out of steam mid way through the second half. Joyce was my man of the match yesterday. He hit some great passes and rarely gives up possession. Bennett is more mobile than Pope but can’t head and spends quite a lot of time out of the box. However he was the only one pressing whilst the wingers watched their navels. I would play Archer next week. It will be great to have Worrall back next week. Star player this season.
  8. I gave us no chance last night after the second half performance on Tuesday. Please continue to stuff my emotional doubts down my throat. The ref should be reported as 10 minutes injury time and the ridiculous penalty should result in this inept official to never officiate a professional football game again.
  9. The greatest manager ever to walk upon this earth. I thank you for the amazing memories you have given me. Happy birthday Sir John.
  10. I sadly can’t see us getting anything out of the Bradford or Crewe games so the Oldham match is crucial. If we are playing one upfront it’s time Archer was given a game. I’d keep Atkinson at right back as he is more considerate with the ball than Gibbo. Crookes is lacking confidence. Out of position quite often and distribution poor. Amoo was clearly on holiday. Either Browne or Worrall out there for me. We need the midfield to support the forward line. There was times in the second half Worrall was bombing up the wing with no options open to him. I would keep Joyce in as the back four need support and, with the exception of Atkinson, can’t pass.
  11. I think we will finish mid table mediocrity. I will be happy with that bearing in mind the past few seasons. However it is noticeable that the high pressing game has gone on holiday over the past few games. Askey needs to sort the away form out. I would drop Amoo who seemed uninterested on Saturday. Either Browne or Worrall out there. Bennett spent more time on the wing than in the middle. Give Archer a try out. No idea if it will work but worth a punt.
  12. Wozza is player of the season so far. 100% win lose or draw.
  13. I love Aspo but for the life of me I can’t fathom why he hardly played Worrall. At present player of the season. We should start negotiating now to extend his contract.
  14. Poor first half but Askey turned it around with the substitution. Worrall is just a quality player. His constant running and the quality for the second goal made him my man of the match. Great debut by Atkiinson. He didn’t put a foot wrong. I actually wanted Pope off and then he scores two goals!!! Special mention for Joyce who this season is showing us what an excellent player he is. Let’s now get an away win.
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