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  1. If you are happy with the dross being served up more fool you
  2. Did you go Grimsby....what rubbish...you expect consistency. What's pathetic is players who can't pass a ball and turn in lethargic performances even though they get ££££'s That's pathetic pal
  3. What happens when you don't perform at work? You get the sack. Money has everything to do with it/...you expect some decent effort and not footballers who look like they won a game of pro football in a competition (Not my words...another posters...read back) Vale are one of the bigger clubs in this league.. yet.there is no pride in the shirt
  4. No consistency you have to ask yourself where this 'Lethargic' comes from when you are getting paid good money every week
  5. I did read...Whether Vale are playing away or at Home shouldn't make any difference...The Pope style of play doesn't work anymore. So my statement stands
  6. Amazing how every time Pope is dropped/injured the team has a miraculous recovery in way of results
  7. No chance. They took Bennett off and Pope ends up having the easiest chance of the game with a header...nodding it wide and not even making proper contact with the ball with his head. This suggests to me a lack of confidence on Pope's part or at worst complete lack of focus on his game...hope it's not the latter Do you realise there is a reason he was dropped. Stick with Bennett and play ball to feet is the way to go. One goal from Bennett will energise him and we will soon see the full force that he is capable of
  8. Why put him on ignore...he speaks the truth Consistency is painfully lacking from some players and it's time they upped their level...after all they get paid a hell of a lot more than me and you (I assume)
  9. I will say one thing...Parliament being shut down is absolutely ridiculous...but then again where is the integrity from the remain camps...if they are sure the country does not want a No deal then surely an election would have been fit to reflect that?? The excuse they used to say Johnson would just change the date is baloney...an election win would have seen a possible new Labour/SNP coalition government reverse any subsequent possible no deal if the remain camp had won. The bottom line is they KNOW the leave voters would vote Labour MP's out all over the country
  10. Why would you not have expectation of receiving answers? Pretty much everything you have said leaves a lot to be desired...and I'll tell you why (As if you don'y know already) Farage said he would continue to pursue Brexit but he didn't say he would still be pursuing it and not respecting the result (Which is what a lot of establishment remainers have done) Regardless that the majority of those arguing for a remain vote are solid cast iron figures of high standing whom make millions out of the EU whilst those at the bottom end struggle through depressed wages housing shortages medical appointment shortages et al Hence why they are taking out various lawsuits to stay in (Probably through taxpayer funds) The result of the referendum has not been respected and it was a 52 Percent clear majority that voted OUT. Farage meant he would argue against the EU and not actually look to cancel the result of the referendum...there is a slight difference.
  11. No...the referendum has a question on the ballot paper....General election slips do not!!!
  12. What a strange analogy to make. The 2016 vote was a REFERENDUM...A general election is a vote to elect based on numerous policies. Face the truth...the Remainers were never going to accept the decision of the referendum..therefore we have NO democracy at all
  13. A hard Brexit was never talked about and was not a possibility given the potential deals everyone wanted to do... The referendum question was Leave or Remain...look at the wording on the referendum slip...looks pretty cut and dry to me...no wording of a 'deal with Europe' anywhere
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