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  1. Sky Bet had Vale at a low 28/1 today. That's crap odds
  2. I did. But Ainsworth and Naylor top the lot. Better be careful what I put on here...getting accused now of 'wanting attention'. God give me strength
  3. Bennett scored a cracker at Macc in this trophy then was dropped the very next game. Who is Pope paying??
  4. Now you are being silly. Pope misses more than he scores over a general period. But I am on the other hand happy he scored (For the team) I'm not going on record to say I like the Pope personality (berating fans on twitter, drinking inbetween games etc) because I don't. I have an expectation of how a pro footballer should behave (You probably deem that irrelevant..I don't) For those who say he is a legend. He is a legend in his own right, but don't make comparisons to players like Naylor and Ainsworth...Pope will never reach that level and you know it
  5. Vs Rotherham at the same stage last year it was £10 a ticket. Increased away allocation from 4.5k to 6k and overall attendance was 52,000. Quite surprised to hear that considering City's wage bill
  6. Why would it pee me off? If he had consistently scored over a reasonable amount of games (As wasn't the case) and the team had not been limited to Pope ball then I wouldn't be one of the so called 'Pope haters'
  7. Good draw as long as they don't charge £50 to get in
  8. Two strikers on fire are better than 1. I wonder how long we will wait for the next Pope hattrick?
  9. Now is not the time to get cocky with what, at the moment, is an in-depth squad. Injuries can soon pile up in what is a hectic few weeks of fixtures. Rest Burgess, Cullen and Joyce, Brisley, Atkinson and Bennett need match play and I expect Bennett, if he does play, will put himself firmly back in the frame for selection.
  10. My thoughts exactly... The venue will be extended for higher capacity. Easily looking at 50k or more... Which is why more thought needs to go in this beyond a run of the mill Fa cup match And that's before we talk about security concerns... Let's not go there
  11. An Fa Cup match of 15,000 vs 40,000, or more, at a major pop concert with a national profile attached... Are you seriously making a comparison to both and saying they are at similar levels??
  12. A park and ride scheme needs to be set up. The council need to give prioroty access to residents within 3 miles of the ground along with the park and ride vehicles. With a bit of consideration for the local community the concert CAN work
  13. People missing the point. Robbie Williams concert will attract people outside the area and many on the drink..also it won't be a crowd of 18,000 more like 30,000 plus. I will stick my head on the para phat and say I don't believe the location and road infrastructure around the ground and the town will cope. Nor do I think the area will be respected by outsiders When was the last time Burslem had a crowd of 30k? The whole area will come to a standstill and many residents won't be able to use their cars or go about their daily lives without inconvenience.
  14. Im a football fan. I used to go school with Robbie. But i will say this...Burslem is not the place to hold and open air concert along with all the security risks it carries. It is not good when a 14,000 crowd are in town and roads get jammed and all hell breaks loose. If this concert goes ahead there needs to be a proper plan in place and consultation with local residents. Residents will be affected as will others in the area going about their normal lives. I would suggest no car parking within a two mile radius of the ground...for one.
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