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  1. And you know that to be a fact? Explain?
  2. Did you actually see my original post? i SAID NOTHING THAT WAS RACIST.
  3. Only when she had to. in the most part she opposed it and she also campagned to stay in regardless that people ended up losing their jobs anyway in the pottery industry. If you want to see someone who deserves to be banned...then look at Hobbleworth with his horrible vindictive personal abuse. I have not abused anyone and his posts continue to stand...it makes me sick
  4. Again...apologies if my post has been misinterpreted but I have said nothing which is racial. The post has been removed as it has been misinterpreted however Mr H needs to be removed from the forum.
  5. See my above post and please stop going all out to get another poster banned...it is distasteful
  6. Precisely. Change needed...Cullen should start and amazing isn't it, how both Cullen and Bennett can score and still not get a shirt but Pope plays regardless that last week we saw a rare hattrick
  7. Pope will not play next week. Change needed...Cullen should start
  8. Not missing a trick at all. Do you really think Vale would shift the full Man City allocation on just a minority of ST holders? Do the Maths The number of walk up supporters on the day I think is never over 500...you have the Shanahan ticket pricing policy to thank for that
  9. Sky Bet had Vale at a low 28/1 today. That's crap odds
  10. I did. But Ainsworth and Naylor top the lot. Better be careful what I put on here...getting accused now of 'wanting attention'. God give me strength
  11. Bennett scored a cracker at Macc in this trophy then was dropped the very next game. Who is Pope paying??
  12. Now you are being silly. Pope misses more than he scores over a general period. But I am on the other hand happy he scored (For the team) I'm not going on record to say I like the Pope personality (berating fans on twitter, drinking inbetween games etc) because I don't. I have an expectation of how a pro footballer should behave (You probably deem that irrelevant..I don't) For those who say he is a legend. He is a legend in his own right, but don't make comparisons to players like Naylor and Ainsworth...Pope will never reach that level and you know it
  13. Vs Rotherham at the same stage last year it was £10 a ticket. Increased away allocation from 4.5k to 6k and overall attendance was 52,000. Quite surprised to hear that considering City's wage bill
  14. Why would it pee me off? If he had consistently scored over a reasonable amount of games (As wasn't the case) and the team had not been limited to Pope ball then I wouldn't be one of the so called 'Pope haters'
  15. Good draw as long as they don't charge £50 to get in
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