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  1. Hi Folks, Due to Rob's very busy work & family lifestyle it is more than likely he'll respond faster to a pm than posting in here. Thanks.
  2. Hi Steve, Our highest to date is 253 v Burton Albion (A) 5th April, 2013. Our lowest was 43 v Swansea (A) 9th April, 2007
  3. Cheers Conrad, thinking we may add a few more pennies to the prize pool for No. 500
  4. As crazy as it may seem, last season I got more enjoyment watching the scrap at the bottom of the PL - less predictability and where fortunes of survival depended on a single play in any one game whilst looking over their collective shoulders to see what was happening elsewhere, and where managers were pitting the skills, knowledge and experience minus the money available to the top 4-6 PL Club managers.
  5. Since 2006 Ovf has conducted well over 450 'Competitions for prizes including the now popular 'Guess the Crowd'. During the forthcoming season - all things being well in OVF Towers WA - we will most definitely reach the magical number 500.
  6. Slim Dusty - 'When the rain tumbles down in July'
  7. I wish Trump would use 'more sensitive language'. Maybe next year the good folk of the USA will do us all a favour to deny him a 2nd Term. In the meantime HM's next Ambassador across the Pond will be walking on eggshells until Twitter Trump has left the Whitehouse.
  8. Really RB! So it's okay for Trump to use Twitter to bad mouth all and sundry, but not okay for an Ambassador to express a concern using internal communications?
  9. In some cases that will true depending on the gerrymander of the total vote i.e. a party winning more seats doesn't necessarily equate to winning the majority of votes - same as for the President of the USA who may win the majority of the States, but not the majority of vote cast.
  10. On top of which Nick, Trump's obsession to put America 1st is destabilising the once strong relationship between Australia & New Zealand with the USA & UK. If Trump has the UK by its political and economic balls that, in my opinion, does not auger well for the future stability in our region. China will be loving it.
  11. Aup Fosse, just watching Trump saying Boris is the PM for the UK. What changed Twitter Trump's mind from those earlier days when he thought BoJo was a non-entity?
  12. You know what bothers me PB? The VAR will gradually be controlled by the game sponsors i.e. reviews will take longer to facilitate sponsors putting more commercials across the scoreboard and television screens - even to the point referees/umpires will not be able to call 'game on' until 'commercial blocks' have been completed.
  13. Cheers Ginge, I nearly always steer clear of politics/religion conversations because, in my opinion, the two do not mix and become a nightmare when politics stick its bib into debates to somehow try and score points off the opposition i.e. like you, when the body politic engages in breast plating its religious biases and bigotries then Vox Populi have every right in demanding they be brought to account.
  14. Can we get back on topic please
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