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    Bucknall boy who emmigrated to Western Australia in 1960 - age 18 years


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    Gardening; writing prose & poetry; watching Rugby League Football


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    Retired. Worked for the Dept of Corrective Services WA from December 29, 1975 to March 31, 2014

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  1. Given that Fosse, perhaps one added word is needed..."Black Lives Matter Too"
  2. Doubt it is a new newspaper Nick unless, of course, it's an online edition for a select readership e.g. academicians. Our current government may harbor the past held romantic idea of the UK being a stepping stone into the EU. The EU, on the other hand, may be a reluctant player knowing full well China's growing influence in Europe may negate any free trade agreements between Australia and the UK.
  3. I agree Phil. Unfortunately, breaking China's economic hegemony in this neck of the woods will require political gymnastics the likes never seen before. China has huge investments in Oz somewhat akin to having us be the short and curly.
  4. Pre pandemic Nick our top 5 two-way trading partners were China, Japan, USA, Korea and Singapore, and that is likely to be the same post pandemic - with an anticipated economic smack on our purse strings for calling out China re COVIG19. Whatever sentimentality there may be for direct trading with the 'Old Dart' will be seriously scrutinised by China given they have expansionist ideas of a 'New Silk Road' into Europe ergo our best bet is stronger trading relationship with Indonesia and less so wwith the Trump's USA. It's all bliddy complex Nick...
  5. Paint - yes; Tim Tams - yes. But sorry TG - the Vegemite is allllll mine
  6. Will that be 'Trust British Paints' made in Europe too?
  7. In the midst of this pandemic gloom you give us this 'little gem' to cheer us up. Thanks Rob
  8. Aussie Rules


    Re article 2...Bliddy heck!
  9. Aussie Rules


    No I wouldn't Geo.
  10. Aussie Rules


    The stench of revenge is rising IC. Cummings seems to have made many enemies, and it's obvious Boris cannot survive without his 'genius DC' which is now damaging his political capital as a PM. So the obvious target is DC for revenge and removal of both of them - political or otherwise. If it doesn't happen in the meantime, it will at the next Ballot Box.
  11. Aussie Rules


    Love it...rewriting history as required.
  12. Aussie Rules


    That's a scary thought Jean - Cummings holding hands with Boris
  13. Aussie Rules


    I'm not sure a motion to dismiss either one of them would be seconded, never mind being voted on.
  14. Aussie Rules


    Thinking about it Geo...instead of checking in 6 monthly at the eye clinic, I could save myself a packet by chucking Ann and the grand kids into the car and drive around the suburbs - using the backstreets of course to evade lock-down police patrols. Nothing wrong with that - is there?
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