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    Bucknall boy who emmigrated to Western Australia in 1960 - age 18 years


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    Kewdale, Western Australia


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    Gardening; writing prose & poetry; watching Rugby League Football


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    Retired. Worked for the Dept of Corrective Services WA from December 29, 1975 to March 31, 2014

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  1. Paul, not wishing to get into a bun fight with you, or disputing the appearance of same during the JFK era, but I clearly remember back in 1975 when studying for my Child Care Certificate that Affirmative Action found its genesis from two distinct late 1950s British concepts of "positive discrimination" and "positive action" - later resulting in policies supporting disadvantaged groups. Why do I remember so clearly? Our lecturer was born in the Netherlands (I can see her now in my mind's eye), and she was active both on and off campus - socially and political - promoting affirmative action for women and our first nation population. Was she wrong with her 'dates'? I don't know.
  2. Did you have to mention the WBA game Rob. Grrr to Peter Swan...
  3. Paul, the world we knew has already changed, but what to is yet to be seen.
  4. Indeed...including members of my maternal grandmother's family - including ancestors from County Mayo
  5. Jean, I was in my 4th working week with the Co-op Dairy (Sneyd Green) when, on this day in 1957, the Rome Agreement gave birth to the Common Market. My milk round was the Loggerheads/Ashley/Maer Moss and surrounding villages. The 'Agreement' was the topic dominating conversation. But as a 15 year old I'm blessed If I understood what the hell people were talking about. At best I remember people being either for or against the idea. However, I do remember one man in Stanton telling all anybody that the CM was doomed, plus what he had to say about Winnie was viewed as treachery. Funny the things we remember eh!
  6. Hmm, most memorable? He left Port Vale
  7. Clair, we too are very proud to be part off this 'coming together' and, of course, all things Synetics/Port Vale
  8. Aussie Rules


    Fingers crossed all ends well for Mrs TW, you and your family Bon Ami.
  9. Aussie Rules


    'You must come to the forest with us where you can end your days eating strudel'..
  10. Aussie Rules


    Careful what you say Geo, there may be a 'Final Solution' in place for us
  11. I wonder if Richie initiated this move?
  12. There may be enough money in the English game, but I wouldn't be holding my breath it will freely flow down to the lower 'Leagues.
  13. Aussie Rules


    And for those who love Big Brother can sit at home drinking their weekly allocation of Victory Gin
  14. My proper posh OVF500 commemorative T-shirt arrived today. Many thanks Rob
  15. All prizes for this GTC have been claimed. Cheers
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